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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit the Philippines

There has been a certain amount of news and articles that boastfully show off how awesome this destination is, you would have heard about how beautiful the beaches and their food is as well as the entertaining carnivals and its inhabitants. But here are the top reasons why you should not visit this country.

*It isn’t even really tropical here in the Philippines.

*It is assembled out of a total of 7,107 islands, so what could you possibly do?

*These islands don’t have much to offer, they will just make you feel bored and it’s a waste of your precious time.

*Not even one thing is great to view mainly the aquatic life.

*Like the various aquatic life, nothing is that eye-catching about the underwater sights.

*There are mountains but they are not enough to delight you.

*The chocolate hills of Bohol are not that exceptional and doesn’t offer you anything much.

*And it’s the domain of one of the tiniest creatures in the world, what’s so special about that right?

*An island inside a lake, that’s inside a volcano which is in a lake and on an island. Now, don’t you think that’s bewildering?

*How could this be a brand new marvel?

*The avenues are really old-fashioned for anyone’s taste.

*Also, transport is very out-of-date.

*Travellers looking for something current, this isn’t the place to be?

*The Philippines is quite dirty when you think about it.

*Didn’t we tell you before it is very dirty?

*Apparently the Spanish, and the Americans, as well as the Japanese, governed most region of this land, so if you are looking for indigenous culture, then this isn’t your pick.

*The colorful carnivals in this country are such a mess, it isn’t attractive at all don’t you think so?

*The food in this country is so full of sugar that you really can’t eat much of it can you?

*And also really bad cholesterol in everything you eat.

*There’s also the most unpleasant and extremely distorted volcano that isn’t worth your time to visit.

*Even if you look at it up close, it still remains quite indifferent.

*Then, of course, there is this lake?! I mean will any one of you love to see this awful view?!

*So Really? You want to take a holiday in the Philippines? Come on you can do so much better than this right?

*And also who literally believed that sowing rice on plateaus would be a great idea?

*It’s not like the beaches here are way better than anywhere else right?

*Look at this so-called lagoon? It is more like a la-Gone.

*This doesn’t make this country a must-visit destination.

*Tell me who would like to wake up to something like this every morning? I know I wouldn’t.

*The pure wildlife in this country is a total disappointment.

Did all of these get your attention? Well, it’s a good thing it did; you will never want to visit this destination because you might not want to leave.

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