Situated in Agusan del Norte Province, Butuan, Philippines is a traveler jewel of Mindanao. With its unblemished, unspoiled waters, ancient locations to view, and eco-parks to relish, Butuan purely makes for a perfect tranquil escape. If you discover yourself in Butuan thinking about what to do to make the most out of your holiday, try these top must-dos in the metropolis.


Tour the National Museum, Butuan Branch.

Tour the National Museum for an investigation of a diverse lifestyle! Situated beside Jose Rosales Avenue, the National Museum in Butuan is an addition of the National Museum in Metro Manila. Essentially, you could look forward to a brilliant and massive selection of cultural and excavation objects from numerous ethnolinguistic classes.


Visit the Balanghai Boat Building Site.

While we’re unhappy that the Balanghai Boat Building Site is not really a location where you could construct your personal boat, Balanghai is still quite a brilliant thing to view for yourself. Situated in the Luna Compound in Barangay Bading, the Balanghai Boat Building Site has a boat model commemorating the heritage of the ocean voyager descendants of the Philippines. And the Balanghai Boat Building Site is believed to be a portion of the nation’s national cultural inheritance.   


Travel to Agusan River.

The Philippines is really one of the most purely varied nations in the world, and on each island, you’re sure to discover at least one pure jewel that would surprise you. In Butuan, it’s Agusan River. Agusan River is a lengthy and broad expanse of flawless water and beautiful sights. It’s the third biggest river basin in all of the nation and is a brilliant location to spend a tranquil afternoon.  


The Balangay Shrine Museum.

Balangay — or Balanghai — are what residents call the boats regionally made in Butuan. Balanghais are believed to be national ethnic riches, so if you’re an admirer of art and how lifestyle forms it, Balangay Shrine Museum will be a brilliant inclusion to your journey.


Visit the Delta Discovery Park.

If you’re searching for a more enjoyable and exciting turn for your Butuan holiday, then make sure you travel to Delta Discovery Park. There’s plenty to do here. You could go swimming, take pictures with a magnificent sight of Butuan, play in zorb balls, or merely relish the park’s stunning mixture of artificial and pure designs.


Travel to Masao Beach.

You might be a little exhausted from a very exciting day, so to cure that, you could travel over to Masao Beach for some unwinding. Its transparent waters are matched with the beach’s dark shaded pebbles and gray sand, and here you could go swimming or hold a Filipino-style meal — complete with a grill, rice, the top seafood dishes, and (plenty of) brilliant companionship.    

Call us now to book your holidays and be sure to pack your journey in this metropolis with its amazing destinations and make memories that would survive.


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  1. Daniel

    Agusan River is very beautiful. I really love to go there whenever I am in Butuan 🙂

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