‘Mabuhay!’ is the Filipino way of wishing you a long life and this is what we at Mabuhay Travel wish you – ‘Live long with beautiful memories’. Each and every travel expert at Mabuhay Travel will do their very best to ensure that your trip to the Philippines is carefully planned out to give you an unforgettable experience. We let you collect beautiful memories of this resplendent island blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and tropical treasures in the most cost-effective way. Mabuhay Travel, a well-established and leading pan-European travel company specializing in worldwide travel of the highest quality, offers a wide range of travel solutions including choices from over 65,000 hotels, 150 airlines, plenty of car hire, holidays and insurance. We take great pride in our passion for unequaled travel solutions and satisfied customer experiences. We offer a complete range of travel products online, over telephone and through our retail outlets in Central London and East London.