Roxas City is identified as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines because of the wealth of aquatic life. It is also the native land of Manuel Acuna Roxas, fifth president of the Philippines. But several do not know that this metropolis also has a wealthy ethnic past and fascinating locations worth touring. Mentioned below are the top things to do when you visit this moderately sized metropolis in Panay Island. Call us now to book your holidays and experience the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.


Chill out at Baybay Beach.

Baybay Beach is a seven-kilometer expanse of excellent and dark colored sand. Situated just a couple of minutes trip from the metropolitan hub, this spot is preferred amid natives and travelers. Some pursuits that you could do here are unwinding, swimming, chilling out with friends and families, viewing the sunset or having fresh seafood in numerous restaurants situated beside the beach.


Treat yourself to Some Seafood.

A holiday to Roxas City wouldn’t be complete without tasting its newest and yummiest seafood. There are plenty of selections that you could pick from, but one of the most distinctive ones that could be discovered there is a shellfish known as Diwali or Angel Wings. It is known as such because once you open it, you would realize that the shell looks like the wings of an angel. There are various restaurants all around Roxas City that provide seafood, but the ideal location is Baybay Beach. There’s a stretch of restaurants and booths beside the beach that provides paluto, in which you would purchase the seafood fresh and it would be prepared straight away based on the dish. 


Tour the Capiz Provincial Capital.

The three-leveled Capiz Provincial Capitol Building situated at the center of Roxas City was constructed during 1915 by American builder, William Parsons. This ancestral structure has a “Californian type” motivated from the Californian jobs. The windows are created with Capiz shells; a display of an item the region has been recognized for. The construction is a display of the 19th century Filipino=Spanish structural design. The Hall of Governors is a well-conserved function room situated on the third floor of the structure. From here, tourists could glimpse an outline of the metropolis.


Hear Mass at the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral.

A tour to this metropolis will not be complete without taking part in a mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral, just a couple of paces from the regional metropolis. The church initially constructed during the 16th century looked normal on one look and does not look like any trait of the churches that were constructed in the Spanish period. This could be credited to the detail that the church underwent a similar outcome as other sacred structures constructed by the Spaniards. It has undergone numerous restorations after being demolished by a typhoon during 1698 and deeply impaired by an earthquake on 1787. The present building, tinted in earth colors was reconstructed during 1954 has a post-American appearance.


Find the Capiznon Legacy at the Paniblu-on Museum.

Fifty meters from the chapel is the Paniblu-on Museum, which holds souvenirs of how the metropolis looked way back in the day. The round-shaped gallery, built during 1910 was at one point a water tank and served the native occupants for around three decades. It was saved in the second world war and was entirely concealed when workplaces were constructed around it. During 1993 this workplace was leveled and the ancient water tank was again spotted. The inhabitants came up with a plan to transform it into a gallery since the metropolis already had a new water producing method. You’ll discover numerous objects in the gallery that used to be owned by the occupants of this metropolis and also photos of the regions past.


Pay Homage to our National Hero and to Roxas City’s Son.

The Rizal Monument positioned in front of the Capiz Provincial Building is one of few that are above a hundred years old. It was constructed during June 19, 1911 and initially situated in the left portion of the structure but was subsequently transferred in front of the metropolis during March 15,1926 after restorations. The memorial comprises of our state hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal dressed in the accustomed overcoat image with his right hand clasped at waist level. This memorial is a portion of Capiz’ wealthy past even after the Spanish period. Another sculpture comprising of the fifth president of the Philippines Manuel Acuna Roxas was also constructed in tribute to Roxas City’s son. It is situated beside Halaran Plaza just near the Paniblu-on Museum.


Hug the largest bell in Asia.

Sta Monica Church is the most ancient church in Panay Island and is residence to the biggest bell in Asia. Dakong Lingganay was constructed from seventy bags of gold coins given by the townsfolk. The bell which measures 7 feet in diameter and 5 feet in height weighs nearly 10 metric tons. It was completed in 1878. 


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