Tacloban has constantly been a starting off base for the isles of Leyte and Samar, but now, it is surely worth it to plan in a couple of days to stopover, sightsee, and discover more about the brave tale of this Philippine metropolis. Talk to our 24/7 agents and book your holidays right now!  

Let’s see the top things to do in Tacloban: 


Visit the Red Beach.

There are reports that this title arose from the detail that allegedly blood was drifting through the water in the Leyte arriving during 20 October 1944. The Red Beach is a stunning pure appeal to tour with a big open region and a brilliant sight of Samar Island. At the beach, some sculptures embody MacArthur and associates when they reclaimed the Philippines from the Japanese; so this is also a top location for taking photos. 


Cross San Juanico Bridge. 

A colossal monument that extends from Samar to Leyte through the San Juanico Strait. At a complete span of 2.16 kilometers, it is thought to be the lengthiest bridge in the Philippines going over a form of seawater. Finished during 1973, it was known as Marcos Bridge as it was constructed during the rule of earlier president Ferdinand Marcos. It is stated that this is a “Gift” and a “Testimonial of Love” by Marcos to his wife and a resident of Leyte, Imelda Romualdez Marcos. 



See Kanhuraw Hill.

Residence of the City Hall of Tacloban, Kanhuraw Hill has plenty to provide on an idle day in Tacloban. In front of Kankabato Bay with green corners and sheltered trees, come have a break on Kanhuraw Hill where you could observe joggers out on their regular run, couples having a picnic, and the irregular skateboarder tearing up the street. This is very much the middle of the town, utilized as a meeting location for natives from every part of the world. Come and watch! Around Christmas time, the native government puts up a dazzling Christmas tree as high as you could see with a diverse theme each year. It’s a selfie fan heaven. 


Visit the Madonna of Japan.

Directly facing Magsaysay Boulevard and Kankabato Bay, you’ll discover the park residence to Madonna of Japan. 33 years following World War II, Japan gave Tacloban this prized shrine in order to give tribute to the bond amid the Filipinos and the Japanese. The sculpture itself is a stunning piece of art which nearly seems like a female type of the Indian Buddha. Have a seat in the park and contemplate the complicated part of Tacloban, or have a swift look at the shrine and go directly back to observing people! This is stated to be the location where young couples come to spend time. Furthermore, from Madonna’s seat, you could get some superb sights from the water. 


Explore Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park.

Directly on the other side of the river from Tacloban is a national park that contends with every other park in this stunning nation. With around 841-hectares of sheltered terrains, Sohoton Natural Bridge Natural Park provides both relaxed and thrilling pursuits for you to participate in which includes trekking river and kayaking. But, the main feature of this Park is the caves! These cathedral-type underground caves are quite huge! There are odd stone developments that seem like alien pods, eerie spikes piercing down from the ceiling, and yes bats dangling out in dark clefts. You escort would take you across the caves while reveling the fascinating developments and responding to all your burning inquiries. Travel there now! 


Tour Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum.

The memorial and inheritance gallery seems like a magnificent ballroom from years ago. With lavish carpets, extravagant chandeliers, and an outside similar of a southern estate, it’s clear that there was some severe cash flowing here. Not shockingly, Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum were at one time the holiday residence of the Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife. This gallery, with its extravagant brown tables and complex ceiling montage, was utilized as a place for ceremonial dinners and assemblies by the nation’s most exclusive. This gallery is a ridiculous look into the life of the “haves” and “have-nots” in the Philippines with a leader living such an extreme life while his people grappled for food.


Experience the Pintados and Sangyaw Festivals.

The Pintados festival commemorates the courageous Waray soldiers with natives wearing ethnic clothes and vibrant face paint and dancing customary dances for the entire metropolis to see. There are also theatrical soldier fights by men concealed in regal tattoos. In Waray, “Sangyaw” means to “announce the news”. This festival had the day before the metropolitan festival, aids to bring in the celebrations and get everyone eager to go. Both of these fiestas introduce you to Tacloban, its occupants, its lifestyle and its past in a way that others don’t frequently get to encounter. These celebrations begin on June 26th!


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