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Exclusive Offers to The Philippines – Hello Philippines

Here’s our Hello Philippines print issue for February 2019.

Visiting home has never been more memorable! Here’s a chance for you to fly back to the Philippines with some exclusive offers with Emirates.


It is an extensive group of islands in South-East Asia of more than seven thousand islands located between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea at the very eastern edge of Asia.

Many wonderful beaches are just part of one of the world’s longest coastlines and it takes about 20 years to spend a day on every island. Since Spanish colonial times, the country has been Asia’s largest Catholic country. Over a hundred ethnic groups, a mixture of foreign influences and a fusion of culture and arts have enhanced the uniqueness of the Filipino identity and the wonder that is the Philippines.



With Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and American influences, Manila offers a captivating mix of Asian heritage and Western influence through its tastes, sight, and sounds. Come for excellent shopping, dining, and stunning natural scenery.




Home to the whitest sands in the world, the beaches of Cebu in the Philippines are famed for their stunning vistas. Drink in the view before island hopping at the nearby Bantayan and Malapascua islands. Top it off with a visit to the city centre to try spicy Filipino dishes or Euro-fusion cuisine.




Located in the Pampanga province, Clark is one of the most beautiful cities offering a range of activities and sights for the business and leisure travellers who flock to the region. Filled with charming museums, adventure parks and entertainment, Clark is an ideal destination for travel, situated only a short drive away from Manila.

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