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Love to Travel? Love to Travel to Exotic Paradise? Philippines can be your Ultimate Destination!

While travelling around Philippines you will find a plethora of reasons as to why the Philippines is a Paradise for holidaying. Located in the Southeast Asian region on the western part of the gigantic Pacific Ocean, Philippines possess all the tropical marvels needed to amuse tourists. This archipelago of about 7000 big and small islands is home to diversified attractions, amusements and entertainment.

This less hyped country with splendid tourists’ attractions can be your first stop in South Asia!


01. Welcoming Locals

Genuine smiles, cheerful hospitality and lighthearted people! This is what you will discover all around the country. The locals have lived with millions and millions of tourists and they have the flair of absorbing these strangers into their day to day life. Just like the sunny weather the Filipinos render uncompromised warmth that keeps you content and delighted during your trip in the Philippines. They wish “Mabuhay” to all greeting or welcoming each other with the meaning of “Live Long” or “Good Life”. Also it is generally agreed that compared to other Asian countries, in Philippines tourists encounter less scammers and more disciplined and respectful locals.


02. Scrumptious Cuisines

The description about the picturesque islands of Philippines is incomplete without adding about the variety of Filipino food. Plenty of differently cooked and seasoned food items are available all around the islands to treat your taste buds.  Kalderetta, a striking beef stew added in tomato sauce, Adobo, a dish cooked with meats like chicken, beef or pork prepared with vinegar and soy sauce, Sinigang, a sour tasting soup mainly prepared by adding tamarind, Bulalo, a beef meat based soup, Turon, a deep fried snack made out of sliced bananas and jackfruits dusted with brown sugar, Pancit, a variety of noodles cooked with vegetables and meat and Lumpia, spring-roll kind of snack served during evenings are some of the favourite dishes of Filipino. Additionally similar to all the tropical islands Philippines is also well known for its exotic fruits and seafood dishes. Luckily these fruits and dishes are available at a very cheap price and are fresh!


03. Breathtaking Beaches

Being one of the biggest islands groups and located on the tropical belt of the globe it is no wonder that Philippines is one of those beach holiday hotspots that possesses unique golden sunshine, sugar-like sandy shores and azure sea waters.  This nation is home to numerous serene beaches that come with an array of amusements including adventurous water sports, cozy beach resort stays, soothing sun baths, relaxing walks on the sandy shores, swimming in the wavy sea water, romantic candle light dinners and much more. Beaches in Boracay and El Nido and Bohol’s Alona Beach are just a few among the massive mesmerizing Filipino beaches.


04. Chic Shopping Spots

This blissful country known as the “Pearl of the East” is not only a naturally enriched interesting destination. It is a thriving shopping hotspot too. The country itself is a big shopping mall that entices you to return home with luggage full of matchless Filipino made handicrafts. There is no end to the entertainment and fun in the highly urbanised capital city of Philippines, Manila. Even Quezon city located closer to Manila is a metro city featuring many shopping malls and entertainment boulevards. Let it be a high-end shopping at a boutique shop, a general grocery shopping at a supermarket, selective garment shopping at a branded fashion outlet, a tantalising refreshment at restaurants serving multi-national delicacies, an energetic break at an aromatic coffee shop, and fun activities at parks, movie theaters, 3D cinemas halls, internet cafes, massage centers and spas, Philippines has it all. Conveniently the free Wi-fi provided by many of these places works!


05. Diversified Natural Attractions

A country that is formed by almost 7,107 islands, Philippines has tons and tons of scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and surfing destinations. The country is copiously blessed with a magical mix of blue waters, verdant flora, white sands and golden sun for you to enjoy your beach holidays. Or are you sick of beach activities and looking for something else? Philippines has various other amazing natural avenues for you to rejoice. Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Banaue’s green rice terraces, and Palawan’s underground river, the world’s second longest underground river are a few of the must-visit items for a Philippines tourist.


06. Adventure Seekers’ Destination

Philippines is not only a honeymoon location with serene atmosphere and romantic beaches, it is also a destination for risk takers who would love to jump into any danger just for the sake of enjoying the adventure. Let it be an adventure at the deep of the Pacific Ocean or on top of the misty hill of Mount Apo in Davao at 9,689 feet, the country’s utmost peak or on the slopes of slippery rocks or on the bumpy surfaces of many old volcanoes, in the air while travelling in Asian’s longest zipline of over 1,300 meters of Butuan or even on the roughest river waters while going on white water rafting, Philippines has all the adventurous option that you seek.


07. The Weather, Climate and the Atmosphere

The weather is totally different to the Western weather where you can see and feel the warmth of golden sun throughout the year. The climate is sort of unpredictable with unexpected rains during the non-monsoon seasons too. The atmosphere remains calm and soothing with gentle breeze that embraces you. Philippine’s average year around daily temperature of 25 to 28 degrees Celsius or 78 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit which is quite uncommon for Westerners. Even the adhoc rain fall is quite new for them. Spending your holiday in Philippines is an unusual yet worthy experience. Imagine a situation where it rains when you are swimming in the sea! This is one of the magical reasons why tourists visiting Philippines keep on returning to the country. The most preferred time for visiting Philippines is between November to May.


08. Expedition beyond Language Barriers

If you are a backpacker, culture vulture or an adventure seeker who does not want to stay back in the resort and would like to explore the country, hidden treasures, its life, spirit and people, you will find no difficulties in continuing your travel mission. Due to the fact that English is widely spoken by almost all the Filipinos, reaching and exploring the attractions located in faraway corners of Philippines is not a difficult task. You can talk to people, discover their lives, stories behind the sites and cultural ruins and even become a part of local families during your stay in Philippines.  It is believed that over 90% of the population speaks English as it is the language of the government and preferred communication language in schools and businesses.


09. Joyous Jeepney Rides

When describing the “things to do in Philippines”, not mentioning a ride on the colourful Jeepney is a crime! These unusual decorated vehicles have become an integral part of the Philippine culture. These jeep-like vehicles are popular means of public transportation in Philippines and commonly used by the normal public. If you want to have a windy outing, expect to mingle with the locals and enjoy the fun of being accompanied by many people during your journeys, without any doubts you may hop into one of these Jeepneys. These Jeepneys known for their vibrant paintings, flashy ornaments and illustrative designs are also commemorate the history dating back to World War II. Originally these military jeeps were brought down by US troops and left back in the country subsequent to the end of the war.


10. Last but Not Least – The Lower Cost

If you are a budget traveller or looking for a holiday destination that is full of attractions to cherish but at an affordable budget, Philippines is all yours! Starting from the delicious food to decent lodging to comfortable transportation to satisfying shopping, a Filipino trip will beat all your other options.

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