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Most Amazing Places to Visit in the Philippines.

If you are looking for adventure then you should think of having a Philippine holiday; a country full of natural beauty, islands, and many activities to please tourists from around the world, it is best known as a destination that can be toured on just about any budget you have; here are some of the top most amazing places to visit.


Boracay is a well known island that you can simply get to by plane from Manila: From Kalibo it takes about 2 hours but from Caticlan it only takes a short tricycle ride and ferry ride to get there, it is about 10 square kilometres wide surrounded by white sandy beaches, it offers you everything from perfect conditions for surfing, and a range of housing from the cheap to the luxury ones, interests such as sailing and scuba diving are a few that are available on the island. It also has beach night clubs and comfy outdoor bars.

Camiguin Island

Tourists looking for something secluded on their Philippines travel should visit Camiguin Island; you can get there via flight to Cebu City from Manila and a two hour ferry ride. It is known as a volcanic island, consisting of seven volcanoes and 20 cinder cones; though you don’t need to worry these volcanoes haven’t been active since the 1940s, it is 16 miles long and 10 miles wide, it has various tours which take you to visit the volcanoes, waterfalls and the hot springs, it even has a lower level cemetery, this island is also great for snorkelling and diving.


A place to visit on your Philippine holidays; the sights here include churches like San Augustin; which is the oldest, constructed in 1607 it is also a UNESCO heritage site, and The Basilica del San Sebastian another church with a very special structure made to be earthquake proof. The Wet Market; a huge community appeal, give’s the best seafood. Tours take you to Corregidor Island; it is a memorial and museum for the united protection of Manila through the World War II, then there is the Manila Baywalk; with many restaurants, bars, cafes, entertainment, historic Rizal Park and the expensive Mall of Asia.

Tagaytay and Lake Taal

A stunning place, with amazing views of Taal volcano which is in the middle of Lake Taal, the best viewpoint is from the Palace in the Sky situated in the People’s park, you can find the remnants of the mansion of earlier president Ferdinand Marcos, turned into a museum, park and viewpoint; you could also see Laguna Bay. The lake is a brief drive from Tagaytay, there are ferry rides as well; quite costly but you can find housing to suit any budget; restaurants, casinos, concert halls and gaming means as well, bus and van trips are attainable from Manila to here.


Coron on the island of Busuanga in Northern Palawan; is reached by flight from Manila, perfect for ferry rides from one island to another because there isn’t much to do in this town, snorkelling is brilliant here. You can swim in salt water ponds, swim via caves and much more, visit the Tagbanwa people who look after these islands; the views are breathtaking with amazing white sandy beaches. Famous for scuba diving as there are eleven wrecks to explore; take a mountain bike or motorcycle tour around the island, travel to the wildlife sanctuary on Calauit Island, climb Mt. Tundalara or unwind in the Maquinit Springs.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a two hour bus and one hour boat ride from Manila, scuba diving is famous not far off in Sabang and snorkelling can be set up as well, food and massages can be organised for a cheap rate. White Beach has the biggest range of housings and smaller beaches as well, banana boat rides are quite famous here; you could also hike to Mt. Halcon which takes 4 days, there’s mountain biking, and also visit and take a swim in the famous Tamaraw Falls; other famous day tours are the Hanging Bridge and amazing Tukuran Falls.

Cebu City

Cebu City is Known as the second biggest city, home to many captivating sites; like the Taoist Temple, perfect if you are looking for relaxation and peace, situated on top of a mountain: with beautiful gardens, statues and chapels. It is also home to the Magellan’s Cross, A symbol of Catholicism in this country; and also to The Basilica Del Santo Nino, the oldest church. There are various retreats and beaches, and also a small seaside village Moalboal, perfect for diving; as it is known as the oldest diving resort site in the country.

Puerto Princessa

Puerto Princessa has many great diving areas, many big fish are sited here; like manta rays, hammerheads and whale sharks, Honda Bay also has various breathtaking spotless white sandy beaches. Tour the different distinctive islands and experience great diving and snorkelling, and there are also many bats that live in Bat Island. One of the most popular places to visit is the Underground River; it is one of the most unique trips; perfect for the adventurous type, it takes you through a dark damp place full of bats and other animals.

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