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Most Stunning Locations to go Scuba Diving in the Philippines.

On your Philippine Holidays, there’s no lack of topnotch dive locations amid the Philippines 7,107 islands. Divers would get a heartfelt greeting in this island recognized for its aquatic variety, marvellous beaches and music-loving natives. Most retreats have their personal house reefs, and from nearly any island, an extraordinary dive is just a boat ride away. Found below are the most stunning locations to go scuba diving in the Philippines, over and beneath the top.



A portion of Palawan’s beautiful Calamines set of islands, Coron has taken numerous diver’s heart with its fiery sunsets and limitless underwater trips. Coron is frequently recorded as one of the world’s leading locations for wreck divers: 11 gunboats, cargo and stock boats were destroyed in a single critical day of WWII. For skilled divers, the Taiei Maru is a memorable insightful dive, made more stunning by schools of snappers and batfish, and also the irregular eagle ray.



A short distance, or a bus and a boat trip, from the international airport in Cebu, you’ll discover on your Philippines travel Malapascua Island. Tiny and with barely any growth, it’s a peaceful site for a beach holiday, but it gets even better below the water. Monad Shoal is a hollow island and washing station for the elegant thresher sharks. Divers travel to Malapascua mainly to view the sharks’ everyday presence in the washing stations, and to watch them drive and chase their kill. While the threshers are the superstars of the show, you’ll meet a solid assistant cast of lionfish, tunas, pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs too.



Perhaps the Philippines’ top island for nature fans, Bohol is fortunate to have wonderful beaches, luxurious scenery and more than a couple of fascinating dive locations. Dive boats depart from Alona Beach on Panglao, travelling for the coral engulfed slopes and intense reefs encircling Balicasag. To escape from the groups, attempt a day of diving off Pamilacan Island, where whales and dolphins are frequently seen, and turtles, wrasses, and bumphead parrotfish are frequent visitors. Equally, pleasant diving could also be located on Cabilao Island, on the peaceful western part of Bohol.


Dauin and Apo Island.

On your Philippine Holidays visit The Negros Island in the Visayas district which is still one of the Philippines’ less-toured destinations. But those who do visit normally visit for the diving. Just 20 minutes from Dumaguete City, Dauin attracts underwater photojournalists with its occasional creatures. Around 20 dive locations and aquatic reserves are in simple entree just off the coast of Dauin. Apo Island, with its schools of trevally, green turtles, and beautiful hard coral turfs, is a small boat ride away.


Puerto Galera.

There’s something for all amid Puerto Galera’s 40-plus dive locations. Sabang in Puerto Galera is the jump-off site. Here the skilled divers congregate to tour the region’s riches, plus the Canyons, a preferred drift dive location that transports you past three spectacular canyons engulfed in sponges and mushy corals. Huge schools of fish and rare shark spotting are added to the magnificence of the section.



This is one of the leading dive locations in the Philippines that you would come across on your Philippine Holiday and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located right in the center of the Sulu Ocean and the Coral Triangle, this state marine reserve stretches to about 1,300 square kilometres, plus two amazing coral reefs and massive bays. Almost half of all the coral types located all over the world could be discovered in Tubbataha. But the main reason why divers visit this site is for the huge fish: white-tip and black-tip reef sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks and hammerheads, amongst others. The only method to dive Tubbataha is on a habitable boat amid the months of March as well as June. Definitely one location for your travel list.     



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