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The Most Stunning Towns in the Philippines

With its famed towns, peaceful beaches, sunlit weather, and varied sceneries, the Philippines is rapidly evolving as a destination to contend neighboring tourist locations such as Thailand and Indonesia. Including 7,107 islands, this beautiful country provides nearly boundless bends of splendor to tour. Here are the most stunning towns to put on your travel list.  



On your Philippine Holidays, you should visit Daraga which is a picturesque market town situated in southeast Luzon. This country town rests in the shade of Mount Mayon, with Daraga Church resting intensely on a mountain looking over the volcano. Built during 1773, the church was constructed utilising volcanic stone and consists of some complicatedly carved releases on its pillars. Just northwest of town is Cagsawa Church, one of the area’s most emblematic locations. During the early 19th century hundreds of people looked for shelter in the church in an overwhelming outbreak of Mount Mayon but were slain when lava submerged the construction. The ruins of the church seem rather eerie alongside the setting of green fields and high Mount Mayon. 



Situated around an hour away from Manila, Tagaytay is interpreted by its impressive sights of Taal Volcano, the tiniest volcano in the world. Taal Volcano isn’t really situated in Tagaytay, but the town’s height makes it the ideal location for appreciating this popular summit. It’s also likely to take a boat trip across the lake and trek up the volcano for a nearer look. With its chilly climates and attractive natural backdrop, Tagaytay is a popular location for natives to get away from the metropolis and relish some new air. Cycling, Horseback riding, and picnics are all famous pursuits here.   



On your, Philippines Travel visits Baclayon which was the initial metropolis to be established on the island of Bohol, set by the Spanish during the late 16th century. This delightful town’s chief appeal is Baclayon Church, which is a National Cultural Treasure and also a National Historic Landmark. Even though this famous church was critically harmed in an earthquake during 2013, its neighboring gallery is still open to tour. Apart from the church, the town is residence to plenty of attractive royal Spanish houses, going back as far as 1853. Baclayon is a perfect starting point for whale-and dolphin-viewing trips to adjacent Pamilacan Island.




A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan is one of the most ancient towns in the Philippines. Calle Crisologo, the town’s famous hub, is shut to vehicular traffic. This charmingly conserved paved road is edged with colonial-period merchant homes and Baroque cathedrals. Horse-pulled coaches, known as kalesa, add to the enticing aura. Many of these stylish structures are personal houses, but a couple of them have been transformed into B&Bs and galleries, giving tourists the chance to view their evenly-incredible interiors. Set up during the 16th-century, the town’s exceptional construction brings together features of the native, Chinese, and European style. It’s believed to be Asia’s best sample of a prearranged Spanish royal town.     



On your Philippine Holidays, you’ll come across this town labeled as the ‘Summer Capital of the Philippines’, Baguio was initially made as a holiday destination for Americans during the early 20th century. Positioned 5,200 feet over ocean level, Baguio’s weather is definitely cooler than many other regions of the country, making it a preferred holiday location for both holidaymakers and natives. Sprinkled with attractive estates, pine trees, and traditional constructions, the town is a lovely location for horseback riding and trekking. It’s also a brilliant shopping site, with plenty of thrift stores (known as ukay-ukay) located down Session Road, and also handmade treats obtainable at the downtown fair.



Banaue is famous for its outstanding rice plateaus, which encircle the town on all parts. Situated 216 miles north of Manila, Banaue is one of four towns in Ifugao region that contain the UNESCO identified Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras. Historic rice plateaus are a fairly famous place in Asia, but Ifugao’s are exceptional for their tall elevation. The terraces, which trail the usual bend of the mountains, were presented by the Chinese nearly 2,000 years ago. Surrounded by mud ramparts, the tallest of these striking terraces is positioned nearly 4,900 feet over ocean level.



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