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Top Reasons Why the Philippines Should be your Next Destination

I have to say, a Philippine holiday was not on my list of places to visit, and as I was looking for my next destination I came across this suggestion to tour the Philippines for a very inexpensive fee. So I made up my mind to travel to this destination, and I discovered that the Philippines is one of my favourite countries in South East Asia, so here are my top reasons why you should make the Philippines your next holiday getaway.

The People!

I have travelled all over South East Asia, the inhabitants in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are really pleasant and exceptionally affectionate. But the natives in the Philippines are just simply astonishing. Every time I think people couldn’t get any kinder they would surpass my beliefs. You’ll be invited in to the native’s homes for dinner; and you also get to do all night karaoke sessions with the people (the national pleasurable pastime in the Philippines) and you could also play with children on the beach for hours. All this they do with an everlasting sincere smile!

A South America feeling in Asia.

Ignore the temples and Buddhism! And overlook tuk-tuks! The Philippines is completely loaded with chapels, the natives are Roman Catholic and the native system of conveyance is a Jeepney. The Philippines is a previous Spanish territory, just like a big portion of South America. This provides the Philippines a distinctive sense not found anywhere else in Asia! During your Philippine holidays if you are “temple” tired, this is also the ideal destination to ensnare a fresh breath of air!

The Tarsier.

If you tour the Philippines you could experience one of the tiniest mammal in the world. This tiny animal is known as a Tarsier and it is one of the sweetest animals I’ve ever glimpsed in my life. On the island of Bohol you would locate a Tarsier refuge where you could come in direct contact with this astonishing little animal. It takes a lot of energy not to soften when you look in to its eyes.

Malapascua Island.

South East Asia has plenty of stunning islands. The most amazing one, in my belief, is Malapascua Island. The island has some of the top beaches and diving locations in the Philippines. The leading characteristic of this island nevertheless is the native community. The native inhabitants on this island are so affectionate. Just stroll around, speak to the kids and exercise your karaoke skills when natives ask you over to their homes.

The Chocolate Hills.

This is one of the most bizarre terrains you would ever see. A countryside spotted with tiny green slopes with barely any vegetation sprouting on them. A native told me the myth of the two fighting giants. Some time ago there were two giants fighting about a girl. After some time they started quarrelling and throwing huge rocks at one another. They didn’t care to clean up after so the terrain was scattered with a number of stones. You are perhaps thinking why they are known as the Chocolate Hills! In the arid period, the grass on the slopes would become brown and they would look like slopes created by chocolate.

The Beaches.

Arriving from Thailand and Malaysia I believed that beaches couldn’t get any clearer. Well, I was so incorrect. The Philippines has some of the most perfect beaches I’ve glimpsed. The water is so turquoise and makes a stunning difference with the white beaches. If you’re searching for picture perfect locations, just take a Philippine holiday.

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