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Best and Famous Tourist Spots in Bohol Philippines.

In this page, I am handing out the list of best and popular tourist locations to go and visit in Bohol, Philippines during your Philippine holidays. Bohol is one of the best-loved places tourists and Filipinos love to tour.

It is ideal to go on sunny days and summer periods in the Philippines because the beach would be bluer and more stunning. Stay away from visiting during the rainy seasons from June to September. Even if it’s fine and sunny during the rest of the months.
What to view in Bohol? Your journey will be so astounding if you tour and view the following places and tour nature and snorkel on the transparent clear water of Panglao beaches on your Philippine holiday.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

On your many Philippines travel visit the tiny mountains “burol” a.k.a. the Chocolate Hills, which are one of the leading marvels in the Philippines. Don’t fail to view them. They are situated in Carmen, Bohol. They are greenish hills but turn chocolate brown in the dry season or when heat season is at its height – normally April and May.

Panglao Island.

Panglao Island is encircled by stunning beaches and islands in Bohol. Don’t fail to tour the white coasts of Alona Beach. It has several restaurants, bars, clubs and famous hotels and hotels in Bohol. It is where nightlife is most active in the island.

Balicasag Island and Dolphin Watching.

After dolphin viewing, tour Balicasag island and snorkel. It is also one of the famous appeals in Bohol.

Virgin Island or Pungtud Island.

Virgin island is one of the most stunning islands to visit during your Philippine holidays in this destination not only in Bohol. It’s a tiny island in the center of the blue ocean materializes only at low tide. It is also known as Pungtud island. Padre Pio sculpture is set in the middle of the island.

Loboc River and Floating Restaurants.

Spend your first lunch in Bohol at the Loboc River floating restaurants during your Philippine holidays. They serve buffet lunch with plenty of seafood to pick from. There would also be a live band serenading all visitors while the vessel sails gently down the green river of Loboc.


Isn’t it adorable? Tour these threatened types and nocturnal animals in Bohol.

Blood Compact.

“Datu Sikatuna, who was the Datu (lord) in the island of Bohol in the Philippines, made a blood compact (“Sanduguan”) and union with the Spanish traveller Miguel López de Legazpi on March 16, 1565 next-to the present-day town of Loay.” -Shankar S.

Baclayon Church and Museum.

One of the most ancient Jesuit-constructed churches in Asia and the Philippines. Don’t forget to tour the museum as well on your many Philippine holiday.

Other places to visit and things to do:

Butterfly Garden.
Hinagdanan Cave.
Pamilacan Island.
Purchase Bohol mementos and foods.

Tips to make the most of your time and stay in Bohol.

Some people normally have 3D2N or 4D3N stay in Bohol so time is really restricted to tour all the marvelous places. If you’ll be coming in the morning, you could use your entire day to tour Blood Compact, Baclayon Church, and lunch at the Loboc River. Then some other sites such as Chocolate Hills, Dolphin watching, Tarsiers, Hanging Bridge and the like. Then you could rest and swim and relish your beautiful hotel at night. Have a lavish dinner and sleep early so you’ll have enough vitality the second day.

On your second day, you could begin in the morning about 5am or 6am to island hop and do Dolphin Watching. Then go to the stunning Virgin Island and Balicasag. You could snorkel, swim and do anything you want. You could also tour other islands in Bohol like Pamilacan island. Maybe you could return at 9am or 10am in your hotel or retreat to get ready for your next holiday time.

On your last few time or days, you could just unwind and chill. Tour Alona Beach, swim, have massage, or do anything you want. At least you are not tired anymore because you’re done viewing all the tourist locations.


Best and Famous Tourist Spots in Bohol Philippines

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