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Best places to visit in Iloilo on Your Holiday

Iloilo is situated in the western part of the Visayan region and is known for its warm hospitality and genuine charm. Due to its geographical position, Iloilo is dubbed as the “heart” of the Philippines. The province is actually a melting pot of diverse traditions and customs, making it a fascinating mosaic of cultures. With a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, it promises an unforgettable experience for all who venture within its borders.

Iloilo City stands out as one of the safest urban centres in the Philippines, where you can confidently stroll alone at night without worry. Its residents are widely known for their remarkable hospitality, making visitors feel warmly welcomed.

For nature enthusiasts, Iloilo’s lush landscapes and pristine beaches beckon to be explored. From picturesque mountain ranges and cascading waterfalls to stunning coastal vistas, the province’s natural wonders never fail to awe visitors.

Best Time to Visit Iloilo

Having a holiday most often depends on the weather, and always preferably – dry season. The best time to visit Iloilo is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to April. This period offers more pleasant weather with lower chances of rain, making it ideal for exploring outdoor attractions and participating in festivals and events. The months of December to February are particularly popular among tourists due to the cooler temperatures and festive holiday celebrations. However, do note that the peak tourist season during this time may result in higher accommodation rates and more crowds. If you prefer a more budget-friendly and less crowded experience, consider visiting during the shoulder months of November and April.

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What to do in Iloilo and what are the best places to visit in Iloilo?

1. Adventure in Gigantes Islands: Northern Iloilo

A Gigantes Islands Adventure is an absolute dream come true for those who crave the allure of pristine white sand beaches washed by the gentle lapping of clear blue waters. It is surely one of the best places to visit in Iloilo as it offers a breathtaking escape to a natural wonderland that is nothing short of paradise.

For beach lovers, the sight of the immaculate shores of the Gigantes Islands is a vision of bliss. Soft, powdery sand stretches as far as the eye can see, inviting you to sink your toes into its warmth. The crystal-clear, azure waters beckon you to take a refreshing plunge or snorkel, revealing a vibrant underwater world teeming with colourful marine life.

The adventure allows you to explore multiple islets and coves scattered across the area. Each island boasts its unique charm, from secluded coves embraced by limestone cliffs to sandy shores kissed by gentle waves. As you traverse the sparkling waters between the islands, you’ll be mesmerized by the unspoiled beauty of the natural landscapes.

2. Rural Experience in Garin Farm: Southern Iloilo

Garin Farm in Iloilo is a captivating agritourism destination and is one of the best places to visit in Iloilo nestled in San Joaquin. It offers a unique blend of farm charm and recreational resort allure. The Pilgrimage Hill is a highlight, featuring life-size dioramas of biblical scenes and a breathtaking view of the countryside from the top. Guests can also engage in hands-on farming activities and enjoy thrilling and recreational activities such as zipline rides, swimming, buggy cars, kayaking, and fishing. The eco-park provides a serene environment with bamboo structures and fishponds, perfect for picnics. Farm-to-table dishes using fresh ingredients from their own cultivated farm add to the authentic experience. A delightful journey of spirituality, nature appreciation, thrilling activities, and rural living awaits your holiday at Garin Farm.

3. Hiking in Bucari Leon: mountainous terrain of Iloilo

Bucari is a mountainous area, a hidden gem tucked away in the mountains of Leon and Alimodian, and considered one of the best places to visit in Iloilo. It offers a serene and picturesque retreat for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Because of its location, this part of Iloilo is known as “the little Baguio” of Iloilo. If you love camping, it is worth trying it in Bucari, which allows travellers to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the mountains, while stargazing under the night sky offers a magical experience far from the city lights.

Bucari’s enchanting waterfalls, such as Bugnay Falls and Malabato Falls, provide refreshing opportunities to cool off and appreciate the natural beauty up close. Photographers and artists will find endless inspiration in Bucari’s scenic vistas, capturing the play of light and shadows over the landscape, and creating breathtaking compositions.

4. Miag-ao Church: Miag-ao, Iloilo

Miag-ao Church, built in the late 18th century, is officially known as the Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva, and is an astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most iconic and well-preserved examples of colonial-era Baroque architecture in the country, it’s a masterpiece.

The Miag-ao Church is a fusion of European Baroque and native Filipino architectural elements. Its imposing facade is adorned with intricate relief carvings and ornate details, showcasing a unique blend of Christian and indigenous motifs. The central figure of St. Christopher carrying the Child Jesus on his shoulders serves as a striking focal point. The church’s bell towers on each side stand tall and proud, adding to its grandeur.

Its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ensures its preservation for future generations to admire and appreciate, allowing visitors to connect with the rich history and profound spirituality that permeates this architectural marvel.

5. Jaro Cathedral: Jaro District, Iloilo City

It is one of the historical landmarks in Iloilo. Known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles. It is one of the Philippines’ oldest and most historically significant churches. Its origins can be traced back to the 16th century, making it a repository of the country’s colonial past and religious heritage. The cathedral’s stunning architecture, a blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles, is a sight to behold. Its majestic facade, elegant bell towers, and intricate details showcase the skill and craftsmanship of the past generations.

Step inside, and you’ll be awed by its intricate design and beautiful religious artwork. The altar, adorned with ornate carvings and a revered image of Our Lady of the Candles, serves as the focal point of devotion for pilgrims and locals alike.

Don’t miss Jaro Cathedral’s profound and enriching experience. It stands as a cherished symbol of faith, heritage, and community in Iloilo, inviting all who visit to be inspired by its beauty and significance.

6. Molo Church: Molo, District, Iloilo City

Also known as St. Anne Parish Church, was founded in the 19th century. It is a fascinating religious landmark located in the district of Molo in Iloilo City, Philippines. With its striking Gothic-inspired architecture, the church’s architectural beauty and historical importance 0continue to be appreciated and revered by people throughout different periods, preserving its significance and legacy over time.

The exterior of Molo Church features intricate details, including towering spires, ornate carvings, and pointed arches, reminiscent of classic Gothic architecture. Its facade is adorned with sculptures of saints and biblical figures, each telling a unique story from the annals of Christianity.

Visiting Molo Church will absolutely delight you, not only by its architectural brilliance but also by the sense of spirituality and historical significance that fills the atmosphere. If you are a devout pilgrim, or a curious traveller seeking cultural insights, Molo Church offers a profound and enriching experience that will leave a lasting impression on your holiday to Iloilo.

7. Take a splash at Water World Iloilo: Mandurriao District Iloilo

One of the best things to do in Iloilo is spend a family bonding in its friendly water park that promises a fun-filled aquatic adventure in Iloilo City.  Situated in Mandurriao district, this expansive water park offers an oasis of excitement and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

The park features a wide range of exhilarating water slides, lazy rivers, and splash pads, providing a variety of aquatic activities to suit different preferences and age groups. Families can enjoy the sprawling wave pool, where they can catch waves and frolic in the simulated surf, creating memorable moments of laughter and joy.
WaterWorld Iloilo caters to younger visitors as well, with dedicated kiddie pools and play areas equipped with safe and interactive water features, providing a safe haven for the little ones to splash and play.

As you venture through the park, you’ll find numerous shaded areas and lounging spots, perfect for taking a break and relishing the warm tropical weather. Ample food and beverage options are available within the water park, ensuring guests stay refreshed and energized throughout the day.

WaterWorld Iloilo is not just a water park; it is one of the best places to visit in Iloilo! It’s a destination where the joy of aquatic adventure comes to life. Experience a delightful escapade in this water park.

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Where to stay in Iloilo during your holiday?
1. Hotels

Iloilo offers a range of hotels, from budget-friendly options to luxurious five-star properties. Many hotels are located in the city centre and offer easy access to popular attractions.

To name a few of the hotels in Iloilo: Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, Zuri Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo, Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo, Seda Atria, Injap Tower Hotel, and many more. These hotels are set to furnish your holiday with perfection.

2. Resorts

If you’re looking for a more relaxing and secluded stay, you might consider resorts in Iloilo. Some resorts are situated near the beach or on nearby islands itself, providing a tranquil escape.

Bulobadiang Resort, Adhara Resort and Spa, Sheridan Boutique Resort, Bearland Paradise Resort, Solina Beach & Nature Resort: these resorts could provide you the privacy you are looking for in a holiday.

3. Hostels

For budget travellers or backpackers, hostels can be a cost-effective option. They often provide shared dormitory-style rooms with communal spaces for socialising and mingling.

db’s HOMETEL, The New View by Ecotel, Jaro Bellevue Pension, Sanggutan Rocks Island Inn, The Family Pension House, will definitely give you the opportunity to encounter people from different places, might as well meet some foreign tourists from all over the globe.

4. Rentals

Iloilo has rental properties available, such as apartments, condos, or houses, which can be ideal for families or groups looking for more space and privacy. It is particularly beneficial for extended stays, as they provide a comfortable and home-like environment for a more extended period.

5. Bed and Breakfasts

These charming accommodations offer a more intimate experience, often with personalized service and home-cooked meals.

Tely’s Bed & Breakfast, Philippa’s Bed and Breakfast, Balai Lawaan Cozy Homestay, Gerry’s Place, and Maridan Avida Condo are your choices, especially if you are just looking for a place to sleep or rest; then again, proceed with your journey.

Iloilo boasts a magical fusion of culture, history and nature. Your holiday to Iloilo is sure to be a remarkable holiday filled with priceless memories because there is so much to discover and do there. Prepare yourself for an adventure unlike any other in this alluring location. Get ready to explore all the best places to visit in Iloilo and the wonders that it has to offer by packing your baggage, making a travel schedule, and so on. Your following fantastic journey is here.

Reach out to us now and allow us to be your comfort for your air travel needs. Our Filipino travel experts are here to provide you seamless booking experience.

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