Strolling through the packed, student-filled downtown roads of Cagayan de Oro (the ‘Oro’ refers to the gold found by the Spanish in the river here), you don’t just go quicker than traffic, but you also obtain the liveliness of youth. it’s a generally normal growing and evolving Filipino metropolis with a solid food setting. the metropolis is also the starting point for outdoor escapades like trekking, boating, caving, and rock climbing.    

Here are the top things to do in Cagayan de Oro, the metropolis of the golden friendship.


White Water Rafting.

Rest on your rash vest and experience the excitement of white water rafting in the stunning and remarkable Cagayan de Oro River, and reveal the delight of nature at its roughest! They provide rafting tours stretching from the beginner’s lesson – which teaches class 1-2 rapids – to the expert trails, which understand the more tough class 3-4 rapids. And these tours are offers all through the year.


Mapawa Nature Park.

A portion of a 2,500-hectare land that is safeguarded. The Mapawa Nature Park is preserved and continuously run. It provides magnificent waterfalls, beautiful sights, and luxurious vegetation and wildlife. Even if you are a countryside lover, a thrill finder, someone who needs a break from the bustle and activity of the city hub, a single person, a family or a huge set, Mapawa Nature Park has something for you to view and enjoy.   


Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village.

Situated in City Malasag, Cugman, the Gardens of Malasag is positioned on a rolling land on the hills of a replanting region. The Gardens of Malasag is an ethnic village in a floral garden locale, it displays a few statues which portray the ancestral actions & skills of the Mindanao clans.


Macahambus Hill Cave.

Macahambus Cave is located just around 4 km south of Cagayan de Oro metropolis’s airport; this cavern was a planned site to numerous wars during the 20th century. It is a three-room – two-way cavern, one point is near the freeway and the other way out is on a precipice looking above the Cagayan de Oro River.


Macahambus Adventure Park.

This park was intended to be a substitute park serving thrilling sports buffs. When at the park, you could submerge in the complete magnificence of the environment, stroll in the middle of huge ancient trees and sway from the peak of a cavernous, thin path with sheer stony edges, offering you a diverse view of the magnificent Macahambus valley. For an exciting encounter of the whole valley, inhale and go across the Sky Bridge, which spreads for 135 meters over an elevation of 150 feet, which gives you the most impressive sight of the valley in all its magnificence.   

So go ahead and talk to our 24×7 agents and book your Philippine Holidays to Cagayan-de-Oro.


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