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There is something in Davao metropolis that you wouldn’t encounter frequently in other regions of the Philippines, and that is a native encounter. During your holiday in Davao, you would have lots of things to do in the region. You could go visit museums, go shopping, and discover other excitements in the metropolis. Talk to our 24/7 agents and let’s take a look at the top things you can do here.     


Hike Mount Apo.

If climbing is something that you love, then doing the hike up Mount Apo would be well worth your holiday. There are three paths that you could take up the peak, all of which provide a diverse trekking encounter for tourists. There are seven separate summits on the mountain, but the tallest is 3,144 meters over ocean level. The trek is rather an achievement to accomplish, so on the hike back down, keep in mind to take a break and unwind in the hot springs that could be discovered in the cliffs.


Splash Around at BlueJaz Water Park.

BlueJaz Water Park is situated at a hotel that is set a couple of minutes from Davao Metropolis. It has three beaches that tourists could relish, four swimming pools, and eight separate waterslides. There are 300 feet cascades for grownups to be entertained by and also smaller, less extreme slides for kids to take delight in. If you’d love to feel a state of excitement, there is a zip line that goes straight above the pools in the park. 


Roll-About at Davao Zorb Park.

Have you ever needed to attempt rolling in those huge blowup globes? Well, that is one of the main things to do at Davao Zorb Park, so if you are searching for some entertainment that your whole family could relish, then this might be a pursuit to try out. In the park, you would discover a couple of hills and regions to roll down, but there is a 100-meter downhill slant that might be fascinating. 


Tour Davao Crocodile Park.

If you adore animals, the Davao Crocodile Park is a brilliant location to find out more about this creature. Here you would be able to find out more about the crocodile in the Crocoseum, watch crocodile feedings, encounter displays with crocodiles dancing, and also look at some of the other wildlife that is in the park. If you are touring at the correct time, you might also be able to view some hatchlings on your tour. 


Get an Exhilaration at Eden Nature Park.

Thrill-seekers who are searching for a spot to stretch their wings need to visit Eden Nature Park. There is a butterfly reservation and a birdcage inside the park, but the chief reason to visit here is the excitement. The Indiana Jones ride is a zip line that is devised for smaller adventure hunters, while the SkyRider is made for grownups. If you have ever desired to drive a bike on a tightrope, then this is your chance. The SkyCycle is made with wheels that embrace the rope quite high over the ground. 


Visit Panas Falls.

Situated in the “basin” of Davao del Norte and a 2-hour trip from the metropolis, Panas Falls is a multi-layered waterfall with dazzling aquamarine water. The falls are hidden inside a jungle and encircled by gorgeous rolling peaks making it the perfect location for countryside fans. Tourists could effortlessly spend a day taking a swim in the chilly water and relishing a picnic below one of the covered lodges.    

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