General Santos

General Santos

General Santos is one of the numerous metropolises, that are recognized for the thrilling things that you could do there. There are some exclusive places of fascination in and around the location which will certainly leave you in wonder. Therefore, in order to take the most out of your trip to the Philippines, it is always a brilliant idea to write out the things to do in General Santos.   

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Take a trip to Lake Sebu.

When you’re on a holiday to General Santos, a tour to Lake Sebu is always a brilliant idea. This spot is one of the top areas to be in if you love to be amid nature and luxurious plants. No, by this I don’t mean that this site is any type of forest region. It is more like a conserved region with waterfalls and some magnificent backdrops. Lake Sebu is not located inside the metropolitan borders of General Santos but is around the area of 45 kilometers on the fringes. 


Stroll beside the Fish Port Complex.

What if we said that General Santos is also identified as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines? This is precisely the reason why there are plenty of tourists who tour the Barangay Tambler each morning. If you tour the Fish Port Complex, you may get to catch a glimpse of Tuna fishes as huge as a man. You could also get to know how methodical the harbor is and the whole process that trails after the fishes come to the deck. This Fish Port Complex is about 32 kilometers away from the chief metropolis of General Santos.


Visit the Tuna Festival.

Get a flavor of Tuna and discover why this specific fish is so famous in General Santos. The Tuna festival is had each year around September. Street dancing and sampling new cuisines of Tuna are the main features of this festival.


Take the General Santos Industrial Tour.

The Industrial Tour Package is one of the chief appeals in General Santos, Philippines. This tour deal covers a varied series of businesses that are held by RD Corporation. This excursion is a brilliant idea for the people who are into business faculties or have a concern in the field. Nevertheless, while on the excursion, it is very vital to uphold dignity as some of the locations do not even permit wearing short jeans.


Tour Sanchez Peak.

The Sanchez Peak is one of the most undervalued mountain summits in the world. You would receive a tour escort, who is very well-informed about the Sanchez Ridges, very simply. Once you have received the tour escort, mountain hiking, trekking and taking photos of the remarkable sight is certainly essential.


Explore the nurturing Balut Island.

If you have talked to any earlier visitors who have traveled to General Santos, he/she would never forget to mention how wonderful the Balut island really is. Traveling to this island is a blend of chilly wind striking your face and splashing waves, all of which would offer you a tickling feeling. The beaches on this island have the snowiest and best sand you would ever discover anywhere in the world.


Go Camping at Nopol Hills.

The Nopol hill is located about 30 minutes away from the Kalaja Karst and is commonly recognized as the tallest camping region in and about the General Santos metropolis. Head to the summit of the hill and relish the sight of the remarkable Sarangani Bay, island and the adjoining towns.


Take Part in the Adventures at Mountain Balakayo

The Mountain Balakayo is one of the rare places that could be tallied amid the spots of brilliant adventure activities. The picturesque hills and the magnificent Cable Car Zipline is something you could hardly overlook.


Visit Rahaj Beach.

The Rahaj Beach is about a 20-minute trip from the chief metropolis of General Santos. The beach is rather perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing and stretches across two hectares. Once you are on this beach, you could relax a bit at the picnic sheds that have shower rooms too.


Tour the Kalaja Karst Area.

The Kalaja cave is a very significant origin of water to the Kalaja river in the dry periods. The cave is a delightful location to take a swim as there are a 20-meters swimming water body and a lengthy stretch of running water that is about knee or waist height. And on the way around the cavern, there are a few well-known rocks which are great if you need to do some hiking across the Malakong Wall.



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