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Leading Unique Filipino Christmas Traditions

Planning a Philippine holiday during Christmas time is simply amazing. Christmas in this destination begins on Christmas Day itself and its culmination on the Feast of the Magi. A Philippine Christmas is the most extended commemoration of the Messiah’s birth on Earth. It is always packed with different shades, lights, songs, dances, food and drinks for the celebration.  As well as these: joy, kindness, forgiveness and giving.  Here are the top unique Filipino Christmas Traditions you should know about.

  • Government and private firm workers get their commission and extra things like a box of Noche Buena tidbits, red wines and a bric-a-brac of memento products.
  • A truce is maintained and commemorated among conflicting sets in some areas of the country even for a while prior to and following Christmas.
  • People, families or groups with related, work or government space make hugs-and-kisses and forgive-and-forget the bygone.
  • The next-door people and even unknown people receive Merry Christmas honestly with a smile.
  • Personal companies, firms and people who choose to stay unnamed or unidentified arrive at orphanages, clinics, prisons, government health centres and ghetto region to bring joy and presents of food, toys, candies, Bibles, clothes, clutches, wheelchairs and medication in the big trucks.
  • Individuals do volunteer work such as babysitting so a friend could do her shopping, repairing the nozzle or fixing up the roof of a neighbour’s house and so on.
  • Kids are extremely cheerful due to the fact that they are in their best clothes and shoes on this day. They pay regard by kissing the hands of their godparents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and acknowledge them for the customary presents of cash and toys.
  • Churches, schools, administrative and company structures, freeways, roads, avenues, overpasses, houses, gardens, trees and electrical poles are brilliantly decorated with all types of Christmas lamps, Christmas lights and other ornaments and embellishments.
  • Elders, too, are cheerful because their family from far off locations visit them with presents.
  • Christmas singing and Christmas carols on the radio refresh the atmosphere.
  • Bibingkang galapong and puto bumbong that flourish in various sites in regions and cities on the instance of the coming of Christmas tally to the Christmas time cheery atmosphere.
  • There are road performances on Christmas Eve in various locations in the metropolis.
  • Churches are packed with people on the Eve of Christmas and the entire day of the 25th of December.
  • Families congregate for the Noche Buena spread on Christmas Eve which is continually the instance to open their Christmas presents.
  • Philippine weather is excellent which is a plus point for kids to make their rounds of Christmas visits to their godparents and relations places.
  • It is said that the delight of Christmas is only for the kids.
  • This is a fact for them during their Philippine holidays.  It is their most vibrant and cheerful day in the year.  Contrary to mild sector countries, where kids stay indoors because of the cold and freezing weather.
  • It is unusual though in Australia.  Families stay and spend Christmas on the beach due to it been summer in this country.

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