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Most Stunning Beaches to Visit in the Philippines

During your Philippines travel you would discover that it is made up of 7,107 isles, just 2000 are occupied; there are also tropical jungles, acacias, and coral beds to mountain scales, top-standard beaches, stunning isles and a variety of vegetation and animals, this destination also provides one of the lengthiest white sand shorelines in the world, one of its various tourist appeals.


Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is a tiny isle 315 km south of Manila in the district of Aklan, popular for its chalky white sands and immaculate blue waters; Boracay is one of the most famous tourist stops in the country. The leading and most popular beach here is the White Beach, which has been titled as the “finest beach in the world”. Since the western part of the island is famous for the White Beach, the eastern part is the residence to Bulabog Beach, which is an ideal site for ventures like kite and windsurfing as it comprises of powerful winds all through the year.


El Nido, Palawan

On your Philippine holidays, you’ll come across this site which is one of the best beaches and island stops due to its “remarkable magnificence and environment.” It is often known as the country’s last border and is rated No. 14 amid the CNN’s Top 100 Most Stunning Beaches in the World. There are around 50 white-sand beaches on this isle, five kinds of jungles, three prime aquatic domains, and various distinct types of birds. The water is also wealthy in ocean animals, which comprises of aquatic fish such as; dolphins and dugong of which six are native, over one hundred types of coral, and nearly one thousand types of various fish, this is also the biggest aquatic keep and refuge in the Philippines with a complete region of about 903,21 square km.


Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

A UNESCO preserved region since 1973, Puerto Galera is situated in Oriental Mindoro district nearly 130 km south of Manila. The title Puerto Galera is utilised amid tourists to introduce the region encircling the town as well, plus Sabang and White Beach. Puerto Galera possesses stunning white sand beaches that are great for snorkelling, relaxation, and sailing as well as swimming. It also provides one of the most varied diving locations in Asia and has the biggest inhabitants of aquatic types in the world.


Samal Island, Davao City

Samal Island is also noted as the Garden City of Samal; it’s roughly 2 kilometres from Davao city, the metropolis of Mindanao, and an immense 1400 kilometres from Manila. It has the significance of being one of the most evolved holiday stop’s during your Philippine holidays and has a superior amount of white sandy beaches and leading hotels also a number of aquatic reefs as well as transparent blue waters ideal for relaxing.


Panglao Island, Bohol

Situated outside of Bohol, Panglao is the same as Boracay, possessing quality white beaches and transparent blue waters. The diving locations surrounding the island are amid the prime in the country and the marine animals are plentiful in the island, with nearly 250 various kinds of crustaceans and 2500 types of molluscs, some of them are recently found. Alona Beach, the most popular beach on Panglao Island, could be crowded and costly, but comprises of some brilliant diving, the beaches of Dumaluan as well as Doljo are also very famous.


Coron Island, Palawan

This island is occupied by the Tagbanua tribe and is a jewel of pure charm with sheer sedimentary ridges, white sandy beaches and seven mountain rivers. It’s literally been recorded amid the top 10 leading scuba diving locations in the world by Forbes Travel Magazine. Additionally, beyond stone patterns, there rests an unknown inlet with clear transparent blue-green waters surrounded with sedimentary patterns and white sand coasts. This secluded beach is truly heaven! You’ll need to make an attempt to travel there, by hiking over hills or swimming down a sea burrow; but, it’s completely worth it to visit.



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