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Top Diving and Snorkelling Sites in the Philippines

Philippine holidays are famous for their excellent and world-popular beaches – we are also noted for our variety of aquatic life. Because of this feature diving and snorkelling are a few of the most famous ventures in the country.


The leading benefit of Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera is fortunate with one of the world’s most stunning pure docks. Noted as the Pearl of Mindoro, it is world-popular for magnificent beaches, coral reefs and also beautiful dive locations for beginning and skilled divers. There are shallow coral beds, fascinating stone patterns, and vibrant types to view, like sea anemones, shrimp, crabs, moray as well as trumpet fish.


The leading reason many travellers visit Cabilao is to dive on some of the marvellous reefs that encircle the island. On the isle are three hotels, which mostly serve divers, who are searching for the calm reefs, the tranquil air, and mainly to view Cabilao’s popular bank of hammerhead sharks.


Surrounding Balicasag Island, you would discover some of the perfect diving sites in the country. Just facing the hotel, on the south part of the island is also some 400 meters of favourably shielded aquatic refuge.


Apo Island is one of the tiniest volcanic isles in the country. It is one of the globe’s ideally noted aquatic refuges. It was established back in 1982 with the leadership of Silliman University Marine and Biology Department. It was turned into a safeguarded park by the National Integrated Protected Area Act beneath the authority of the Protected Area Management Board. Diving here is possibly the best aquatic exploit in the Visayas District. Under the transparent glittering blue ocean of the island rests a spectacular selection of around 600 recorded fish types and 400 ranges of corals.


As a diving station, this was found newly, just in the early 90s. The island was initially famous for its broad white beaches, titled as Bounty Beach; it has also been noted for its stunning coral beds and brilliant dive sites close-by, counting Monad Shoal, a sub-aquatic highland where thresher sharks and manta rays could be seen on a daily basis. Till now, this is the only site in the globe where divers could dependably view thresher sharks.


This site is the residents to some of the most stunning coral gardens in the world. Ascending from the volcanic scope of the Sulu Sea in west Philippines, these spectacular islands surround an amazing variety of aquatic animals. The reserve is an undersea refuge where landscapes flourish, this is the one and only pure aquatic reserve in the country and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a site of worldly significance being conserved for future groups of mankind. It bears an exceptional range of aquatic animals, vibrant reef fish pack corals cultivating in the shallows while pelagic and sharks torment drop-offs to the open ocean. A group of troopers are positioned on the reef all throughout the year, but from March to June, divers travel here to encounter the marvels of this distinctive sunken territory.


A feeling of uncovering swamps one when nearing the east towns of Alabel, Malapatan and Glan, which face the calm waters of Sarangani Bay. These metropolises comprise beaches extraordinarily safeguarded by defensive bays, and shipwreck diving locations going back to the Spanish periods. The inlet is more famously known to be the residents of the Sarangani Bay bangus (milkfish). Hand over another stone and one would discover the inlet is also home to ordinary town natives who have spent their lives sculpting and illustrating their dreams in the boats they make.


An aquatic refuge where travellers relish feeding the fish. The Nalusuan and The Tailima also the Hilutungan islands, with plenty of aquatic types than the untarnished region or reef, but with a 5m to 12m scope from the top, it’s delightful just for scuba diving.

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