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Top Surfing Spots in the Philippines

During your Philippine holidays get set to mount and encounter various beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks here in the Philippines. You could certainly ride any waves in every place, bail, backdoor, ankle busters and backside relish it all as you surf this destination! You don’t just get to savour the waves but the journey as well, as this destination is fortunate with pure benefits; surfers would definitely be captivated by the stunning backdrops of luxuriant jungles, wealthy meadows, lakes and friendly expressions of the natives as they tour by air, sea or land to any of their favoured surfing sites. For thrill finders and surfing addicts, your Philippines travel should include surfing in this country.

Baler, Aurora.

This place is famous to possess ancient besetting and menacing waves that steer surfers from other mainlands to view and encounter the surfing metropolis of the country. Back in 2003 Yahoo pronounced Baler, Philippines as one of the leading surf locations, you could barely say anything… Just get excited! Baler has a truly lengthy coastline and is in front of the Pacific Ocean. It is really a surfer’s heaven with polished waters, brilliant sand and sceneries of stunning mountains. Together with a couple of water ventures that wait for you, here are a few beaches where you could discover and encounter Baler surfing; Cemento Beach, Charlie’s Point and Sabang Beach.

San Juan, La Union.

Who wouldn’t want to surf and tour the fifth lengthiest shoreline in the world? Nicknamed as the “Surfing Capital of the North” San Juan is a heaven for all levels such as starters, intermediate or professional surfers.  It has constant surf breaks and possess stunning white beaches, native and global surfers travel to San Juan to take part in a few of the many anticipated surfing challenges of the year. Powerful and tall waves begin from July to October and November until March as the area is popular for boasting regular standard waves that allow surfers and also starters to increase their abilities in surfing, it has two top surfing seasons. Apart from La Union surfing, there are also other additional water sport ventures you could appreciate such as; skim boarding, paddle surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and also snorkelling.

San Antonio, Zambales.

The closest surfing spot from Manila will be in “Zamba” or Zambales. During your Philippine holiday journeying to San Antonio is not as difficult as it seems, in comparison to journeying to the beaches of South Manila. The North consists of all the picturesque routes and you would be able to encounter fascinating locals on the way. One surfing location in San Antonio is in Pundaquit which is made popular by site “Magic Left”. It’s an impressive left-hander that’s located just beneath the plunging hills with waterfalls gushing wonderfully. And the waves here act like enchantments. How? This is for you to discover. Pundaquit in Zambales is a very prosperous spot for surfing as it acquires bulges from the west and north portions. It is surrounded to the west by the South China Sea, thus the surf activities. The chances for surfing in Pundaquit are huge, the whole shoreline provides daring surfers with various surfing breaks and it’s famous for regular swells throughout the year and varieties of breaks. Within the months of May until early December, the surf is likely at its most regular, not definitely it’s largest but surely you would acquire more stable waves. The time from late December until April demands a less slump in the South China Sea, which could lash the mount to nearly three to four meters; this is a strong and large wave and demands a high standard of skill.

San Felipe, Zambales.

Zambales is fortunate with a lengthy coastline which encounters bulges from the South China Sea. The district is a perfect spot for starters and intermediary surfers and preferences by inner-city surfers mainly during April and September as the site is not that packed. The waves from late December to April could sometime go up to three to four meters. There are surfing classes being provided in the region run by the natives.

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