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Top Tips for your Next Trip to El Nido.

If you love white sandy beaches, concealed inlets, and massive palm tree jungles, then on your Philippine Holidays El Nido needs to be number one on your travel bucket list. Five hours north of Puerto Princesa on the Filipino isle of Palawan, this heavenly group of islands is not to be overlooked. El Nido has not just been known as residence to the world’s top beaches, it is also an extremely entertaining metropolis to visit and regardless of its rising fame, it doesn’t seem like a jumbo tourist set-up. Here are some tips that would make organizing your holiday to El Nido trouble-free.


Take a van or plane there.

The well-known method to arrive at El Nido is via van and Lexus Shuttle which is the most frequently utilized firm. You could reserve tickets via your lodging, at the station or online. Flying to El Nido is fast and simple, even though it is somewhat a little costlier than getting a van. If you are prepared to pay, this choice would expressively lessen your travel time. Avoid the bus! The rate is the same as that of a van ticket, but you’ll arrive there in about eight hours, rather than five in a van.


Select your van seat cleverly.

During your Philippines Travel, you’ll find that the roads leading to El Nido have numerous bends and should you pick to sit at the back of the van, be careful of car illness. The back of the tiny vans is rather rough and this, together with twisting streets, can spell suffering for some travelers. Sit near the front and bring a comfy pillow to put your head on. There is a 30-minute rest break, where you could acquire some food, stretch or utilize the toilet. Better believe it, El Nido is well worth the journey.


Take a stroll about town.

Even though the region which is known as El Nido is very big, the real town is rather tiny. There are mainly three chief roads that form the downtown region – Calle Hama, Real Street, and Rizal Street. There are minor roads linking these, but these are three great navigating sites. The ideal way to acquire a sense of the town is to just take a stroll. There are choices such as motorbikes or tricycles for rent, but the place truly is not large enough to permit a ride – just walk about and take everything in.


Take island-hopping trips.  

On your Philippine Holiday, the simplest method to see all the marvelous beaches that the islands of El Nido have to provide is to go on a tour. There are four water established trips you could take. Each takes you on a separate path, emphasizing on diverse excavation marvels. The trips are titled by letter, for instance: Tour A, Tour B and so on. All of them are brilliant, but if you don’t have enough time choose Tour A. This is the one where you could obtain the finest; you can view the best locations and most stunning sites.


Tour mainland beaches.

El Nido is more than just its grand island heavens. Hire a scooter or rent a tricycle (a Filipino taxi) for a day and visit the beaches north of the town. If you travel around an hour north of El Nido, you could relax on the tranquil Duli Beach. There you could take surfing classes and also spend the night in a beachfront bungalow. On the other hand, you could head south to Las Cabanas Beach. Here you could drink island-inspired cocktails at beach bars where the water is directed at your toes. You could also zip line over the sea to the tiny Depeldet Island, which is linked to Palawan by a stony sandbar.

Reserve a kayaking trip.

To get an enhanced sensitivity for the island without leaving on a boat tour, you could instead do a kayaking trip. They could be hired for about 300PH₱–600PH₱ (6US$–12US$) for one day, this way you could make your way to some of the leading beaches after many of the tour groups have left. Then you not only have the beach only for you but also the pliability to depart whenever you want to. Seven Commandos Beach is around an hour away from the chief town by kayak, and it’s extremely beautiful.

Tour concealed waterfalls.

Inside, there are a couple of waterfalls that would not dishearten you. During your, Philippines Travel spends a day touring the concealed stony falls that most frequently miss. Nagkalit-kalit Falls is an isolated two-tier waterfall around a 20-minute trek off the chief road. Once you’re there you could paddle about in a naturally created pool or lounge on the stones. There’s also the Bulalacao Falls which comprises the ‘tiny’ and ‘huge’ falls. These enchanted expanses are just 15km (9 mi) outside of El Nido town – about a 30-minute trek for the minor one, while the larger falls are around one and a half hours away.   



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