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Why You Should Travel to the Philippines this Winter.

Skiing and hot chocolate near the fireplace are comfy but as cold climates and shadowy days’ loom, it’s time to plan your winter getaway, so book your Philippine Holidays now. A sweltering nation, Philippines is worthy to be on your list of winter sun destinations. Here’s why you need to pack your bag and travel to the Pearl of the Orient Seas.    


Never-ending summers.

You’ll find on your Philippine holiday that tropical nations such as the Philippines relish their sun and warm climates throughout the year. Discover your much desired sun-fix in the Philippines and sanctuary from the chilly weather. Although the Philippines comprises of brief daylight hours from December until February with normally 11 per day, it’s much better than the 8 hours in most nations in the Northern Hemisphere. Exchange your gray heavens for Philippines’ transparent blue sky.  


Colder climates.

Warm and tropical – that’s the usual opinion about the Philippines. Get away from the cold while staying away from the warmth by visiting the Philippines in its “coolest” month. Sunny but not too warm even for those who are familiar with the hot temperature in contrast to the freezing grasp in other nations. The climate in the Philippines from December until February could go as low as 21°C. You don’t have to agonize with below freezing climates.  


Beach getaways.  

Hot climates and bright temperatures throughout the year means visiting the beach even in the winter months of December and February. While your relatives back home are covering up, feel free to get into your bikini and relax in the sun. Blue heavens, white sandy beaches and coconut juice in hand – these pictures would certainly power some envy back home.


Outdoor entertainment.

During your Philippines Travel, you’ll see that the winter sun here is not just about beaches; the Philippines is beyond white-sand coasts. Other pursuits comprise of hiking paths, hot spring retreats, and jungles with colder climates to happily relish the Philippines nature. Take pleasure in walking excursions without been drenched in perspiration when you travel here in winter.


Revel in a unique White Christmas.

Rather than snow, on your Philippine Holidays, you’ll find that this country has white-sand beaches from Boracay to the more secluded trails such as Guimaras Island. Snowball battles could be swapped with spraying waters or make sandcastles rather than snowmen. Exchange skiing with snorkeling and sledding with boating. A true alteration of the backdrop, who needs a chilly Christmas anyway?   


See how natives receive the New Year.

Welcome the New Year with a boom – literally! New Year’s Eve in the Philippines is the nosiest with every family revels in firecrackers to send away bad luck. There’ll be lots of firework spectacles for you to view.


Encounter Filipino Christmas and New Year customs.

From the nine days of daybreak masses known as Simbang Gabi to wearing polka dots on New Year’s Eve, spending your winter trips in the Philippines permits you to view more of Philippines’ lifestyle. From spiritual to mythical, the contrast amid your home nation’s holiday customs and that of the Philippines would be captivating.


Carnival season.

Get ready to deflect from your diet plan on your Philippines travel in winter. Weeks and days heading towards Christmas and New Year are all about festivities. The main spotlight is Noche Buena for Christmas Eve and Media Noche for New Year’s Eve. Christmas festivities continue after Christmas with family gatherings or friends meet-ups. So slacken up your pants and make some space for more lechon!


You won’t feel lonely.

Chilly winters are equivalent with grief but not in the Philippines. As the nation with the lengthiest Christmas, the affection and cheerfulness could be infectious. There is something in the air in the Christmas season that permits tourists to feel that they are a component of the entire celebrations. Filipinos are adored for their kind friendliness, so don’t be shocked if you are asked by natives to join their family’s Noche Buena or Media Noche – as long as you vow to sing karaoke!


Still has a hint of home.

Main metropolises in the Philippines such as Cebu and Makati offer global sparkle for their numerous tourists. Make your own Christmas goodies in your Airbnb apartment utilizing elements broadly obtainable in many grocery shops or relish a mug of Eggnog offered in resorts. Decoration wise, the big Christmas trees and sparkling Christmas trinkets can be located all around the country. Miss the pine aroma so similar to Christmas? Tour Baguio in the northern Philippines on your Philippine holiday.


Less crowd.  

Another motive to prolong your winter holiday to the end of February is the absence of masses. Following New Year, Filipinos go back to school and work following a week or two of Christmas holidays. From then on to the summer break (end of March to May), you may find yourself solo or just with a few other visitors in your hotel, particularly on the weekdays. Another great thing about it? Lesser prices in resorts and hotels.   



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