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Beaches in El Nido that suits your holiday mood

“El Nido, a heaven on earth. Nothing compares to a holiday spent with you in heaven”.

El Nido has been always a picture-perfect holiday destination in the Philippines. The unspoiled, pristine beauty of nature encloses your most awaited holiday.

El Nido beaches are amongst the best beaches in the world. In a certain study done on social media, wherein the number of Google articles containing the word ‘beautiful’ was counted and marked, the result came out that El Nido is on the 3rd rank, while Venice beach in California tops the counting. The Main Beach in Australia was the second.

Whether it’s a well-planned holiday or out-of-nowhere trip, beaches in El Nido will never disappoint you.

Here are the lovely beaches of El Nido, pick and book now your El Nido get away.

1. Nacpan and Calitang Beach

Quick, yet fulfilling getaways? This can be the beach for you, as it is only 15 kilometers (around 40 minutes drive) from the town proper. Nacpan and Calitang beach are sometimes referred to as the Twin Beach of El Nido. These two amazing beaches are adjacent. Left or right, you will be welcomed with a great aqua hue, and will make you want to go for a swim right away.

The shoreline stretches up to 4 kilometers, providing enough space even though it gets crowded during peak season. With its soft texture and cream-coloured sand, and crystal clear blue water Nacpan is a cool swimming spot for every tourist. It is also rock and coral free, making it very comfortable and safe for walking, wandering around, and playing while barefoot.

Another plus point of choosing this is that a few minutes of walking will lead you to a variety of resto, shack bars, and even your accommodations.

 Beaches in El Nido - Nacpan and Calitang Beach

2. Marimegmeg Beach (Las Cabanas beach)

Sunsets in El Nido is sensational, that’s for sure but one stands out – Marimegmeg beach! This beach is for the adventure seeker, who loves to move around and not scared of getting scratched. You can go biking, hiking, cliff-jumping, fishing, snorkelling, surfing, waterfalls climbing, and there are camping activities as well. Bring your group, plan, and prepare to create memories full of fun.

Beaches in El Nido - Marimegmeg Beach

3. Seven Commandos Beach

As the name “Commandos” implies, its history is rooted in 7 soldiers during WWII who got stuck on the island and lived there. Most tours conducted made this beach their first stop, so expect it- it’s always crowded. The white powdery sand and turquoise water seem so inviting to everyone. Along with this, this is one of the beaches in El Nido that offers iconic limestone karst formations and an amazing backdrop for photo shoots – green foliage at its best.

Beaches in El Nido - Seven Commandos beach

4. Snake Island Beach

Having a snake-shaped sandbar, hence the name. It is one of the top beaches in El Nido. Its sandbar is so famous, though it is only visible during low tide, people can still wander on the sandbar even if the water is high. You might think it is scary but don’t, as the beaches in El Nido are known for having crystal-clear water. Even I’m thinking now, one of the reasons why this is so popular is because of its undeniably beautiful sandbar, – I’ve seen wedding photo shoots here, proposals, birthdays, and many others. 😊 Snake Island beach actually connects the mainland to a smaller island through this (estimated) 3 kilometers long sandbar, you can cross the whole beach by walking going to and from another island.

Beaches in El Nido - Snake Island Beach

5. Duli Beach Beach

Looking for a quiet beach, want solitude, Duli Beach is for you. Lovely beach, secluded but won’t make you feel lonely, especially if you are surrounded by a beautiful colored beach, with gentle waves which are suitable to learn surfing. If you just want to switch off from the city, you’d better be here! Just don’t forget your mosquito repellent.

Duli beach is also the beach of choice for those who are eager to learn surfing, and for surfers who just want to surf. 😊

Beaches in El Nido - Duli Beach

Duli beach is special, you know why? It is the only beach in El Nido where life emerges – From November to February Duli Beach is a nesting ground for marine turtles. After 60 days, eggs hatch, and if you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to watch these cute, adorable creatures crawling out of the sand. Mature turtles always return to the exact beach from which they hatched. Mature turtles always return to the exact beach from which they hatched. So the cycle continues!

The Beaches in El Nido have their own charm and uniqueness but one is evident – they are world-class beaches.

Book your flights to the Philippines, head out to El Nido, and witness with your own eyes and experience how wonderful your holiday will be if you are in the Philippines.

Mabuhay Travel connects you with your perfect holiday in the Philippines. Get in touch with our Filipino Travel experts for more information.

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