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Secrets of Twin Lagoon in Coron Philippines

Palawan has been constantly admired by local and foreign tourists. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines, with breath-taking sceneries, stunning beaches, and abundant flora and fauna, almost every adjective suits the destination.

Palawan – it is scenic, pristine, lush, and beautiful.

Twin Lagoon in Coron Palawan is one of the gems in the Philippines.

Why is it called Twin Lagoon?

It is called Twin Lagoon as there are two beautiful lagoons that are separated by towering limestone rock.

How deep is the Twin Lagoon?

Lagoons vary in depth from shallow to deep. It is advised to always use a life vest when swimming.

The docking area in front of the smaller lagoon is at least a hundred meters away from the wooden steps entering the second lagoon, which is bigger and deeper. The big lagoon is often visited, as it is more thrilling, bigger, wider, and more instagrammable. Once inside,  you can either climb the wooden stair or swim, or use a kayak to pass through a small crevice..

Many adventure seekers opt to swim through the small crevice, on the low tide the arch is visible, and you can just swim easily or even use a kayak to go through it. During high tide, the opening is submerged in the water and the only way to find it is to go submerge yourself as well under the water looking for the opening and passing through it.

Is the Twin Lagoon magical?

Amazingly, these lagoons feel magical. The water here feels warm, cold, warm then cold again. Scientifically it is because, the warm water from the open sea, which is normally warm meets the cold water from the subterranean river which is much colder.

The inlet in the lagoon, the tidal movement, and the wind flow affects the current of the water thus giving different, or sometimes sudden change in the temperature of the water.

The water in Twin lagoon changes colour?

You’ll be awed by Twin Lagoon’s water, from bright blue shade to deep blue shade – it’s amazing to really see it, not just pictures from the web. The pleasant hue of the water is owing to its interaction with the limestone embracing the water.

The water is also calm and quiet, because of its surrounding limestone cliffs.

One might be surprised to know that the colour of the water is changing, but honestly, it’s not. It gets blurry, yeah, and it is because of the different densities and salinity of the water.

Twin Lagoon - In

Will the Twin Lagoon vanish?

According to experts, lagoons are part of bigger bodies of water (sea or ocean) that have been separated by certain barriers such as reefs, barrier islands, barrier peninsulas, or isthmuses. Naturally speaking, we are not in control of it. So yes, it can, but not now! You still have your chance to visit this amazing tourist destination in Coron, Palawan.

Tips going to Twin Lagoon in Coron

  1. Life vest/jacket – Though you are a good swimmer, you should always wear your life vest. Especially when swimming inside the bigger lagoon as there are very few spots for you to hold on, and since it is crowded (at peak time) you might get exhausted swimming.
  2. Footwear – Might seem odd to ask you to have your footwear while swimming but it is because of the rough edges & rock formations underneath the water. And out of the water, it is slippery also.
  3. Plan Ahead – You can’t just go on your own in the lagoon, you should coordinate with tour guides to arrange for your boat or yacht. Some of the tourists rent their own yacht so they have their own free time or more time exploring the lagoons, and taking pictures, unlike if you have joined a tour then you might find the time too short to enjoy the bliss.
  4. Cash – Yes, you need it because everything you will be using during your visit will need cash – kayak, vest, snorkelling gear, and others.
  5. CLAYGO – Not just in restaurants, anywhere you go – practice CLAYGO – clean as you go.
  6. Strike your best pose – One of the challenges (is it?) when going to Twin Lagoon is having a good desirable, instagrammable shot as it gets really crowded and photobombers are expected. So, find your best place and get the shot done. One of the famous spots there is on the wooden stairs, tourists fall in line to get their pics clicked.

Twin Lagoon in Coron is one of the must-see tourist destinations in the Philippines. One can easily, and conveniently visit this attraction by booking flights to Mabuhay Travel.

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