Iloilo is an exceptional sanctuary west of Visayas. Encircled by the Visayan Sea, the Guimaras Strait, Iloilo Strait, and the Panay Gulf, it comprises some of the top beaches in the Philippines, featured by the well-known Islas de Gigantes.


Stroll about Iloilo Esplanade.

You could start strolling from Molo Church for a prolonged walk to Esplanade and you may glimpse Iloilo’s stunning sunset from here. It is situated beside Diversion Road in the Mandurriao District, and it is one of the top locations to tour in Iloilo City.


Swimming in Nadsadjan Falls.

Need to go somewhere cool? Situated in Igbaras is a 100-foot high waterfall that entices travelers from all around. Nadsadjan Falls is the ideal location to relax in the summer and the pristine charm of its waters and environments are well valued the 45-minute hike beside the river.


Tour the Lighthouse Ruins of Calabazas.

A portion of the Aguy Islands is Calabazas, a picturesque location that’s just an hour and 30 minutes away from Iloilo City. Here you would view the popular remains of a lighthouse constructed in the Spanish period. The ancient lighthouse has been substituted by a tourelle tower constructed on the summit of a mountain and provides beautiful sights of the Guimaras Strait.


Go See Miag-Ao Church.

Regarded as one of the most gorgeous Baroque cathedrals in the Philippines and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site is The Church of Saint Thomas of Villanova, more notably recognized as Miag-Ao Church. It is a structural gem particularly due to the modeled relief imprinted on the church’s portico. Miag-Ao church is a 30-45-minute trip from Iloilo metropolis and could be gotten to via south-bound jeepneys from Mohon Terminal.


Visit the Concepcion Islands.

While the Gigantes Islands of Carles are a huge success amid travelers from all around, there’s another set of islands that are still to be found by many tourists. The Concepcion Islands of Bulubadiangan and Pan de Acuzar are about a 3-hour trip from Iloilo City but is well valued the journey for its spectacular sights, pristine beaches and, ideally, the tranquility and peacefulness of a destination that’s off the frequented path.


Seeing the Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary.

A secure region that’s no more than a 2-hour trip from Iloilo city is the Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary at San Joaquin. These concealed 2-hectare heavens are brilliant snorkeling and swimming locations with an entry payment of just 50 PHP per person. There are huts that could be hired for a day and for one night lodgings at 50-750 PHP.


Go Hiking at Bucari Pine Forest.

Visited by tourists taking part in team building pursuits, family trips or camping excursions is Bucari Pine Forest. It is also recognized as the Baguio of Panay Island but is not as packed or overcrowded. The location has a stunning pine jungle and a 2- to 3-hour hike heading to Combong Waterfalls. There’s also a hike to the observing deck that continues no more than 1 hour and provides sweeping sights of Bucari.



Visiting Tangke Saltwater Lagoon.

Similar to the first-class inlets of Palawan, Tangke Saltwater Lagoon is a concealed location situated at Islas de Gigantes Sur that’s certain to amaze you. The lagoon is a very attractive place with stunning stone developments and aquamarine blue waters. Tangke Saltwater Lagoon could be gotten to via an hour-long trip on a pump boat from Estancia.


Sightseeing Pawikan Cave.

Another stunning destination in Islas de Gigantes Sur is Pawikan Cave, an underground location the acquired its title from the stone developments that are formed like a turtle (or pawikans) eggs. Based on tales, this is where fighters of the Japanese Imperial Army concealed their gold bars that are a portion of the fabled Yamashita riches. The path to Pawikan Cave contains extremely abrupt precipices and a jungle rests on its entrance, making the cave rather difficult to get to but well valued the journey. 


Snorkeling in Sicogon Island.

Ever fantasized of touring an island with an apparently limitless expanse of sand, a luxurious jungle, and stunning blue waters? Then travel on out to Sicogon Island, a heaven in Northern Iloilo. There are various locations to tour here apart from the beach such as the remains of an extravagant resort and Mount Opao, a gorgeous peak with a jungle, a pure spring and a simple stone peak that could be gotten to in about 1-2 hours.   


Ziplining at Damires Hills.

Damires Hills Tierra Verde Farm Retreat is a famous place in Iloilo City where you could take friends and family and have a delightful time. There are thrilling things to do in Damires Hills such as going on a canopy walk, Ziplining for 200 or 300 PHP (sitting or superman position) and mounting an ATV. There are also two swimming pools in Damires Hills for those who just need to unwind. The farm retreat is the ideal location to spend the night and just relish the environment.    

Talk to our 24/7 agents and book your next holiday to Iloilo to encounter everything this destination has to offer.



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