Naga is a tiny but stunning metropolis in the Camarines Sur region of Bicol Region, Philippines. It is also known as “Naga City”. As the metropolis is residence to prominent sanctuaries, pools, and gardens, there are plenty of things to do in Naga. Talk to our 24/7 agents and book your holidays to Naga right now!  



Have some R&R at the Caramoan Getaway.

Caramoan is merely the top spot to catch some sun. Encounter the summer wind throughout the year and acquire a tan on its gorgeous coast. You could also try snorkeling and island visiting from one beach to another, too. The top Instagrammable locations to go exploring are the Malawi Sandbar, Guinahoan Island, Lahus Island, and Matukad Island where you could catch a glimpse of what the natives call the “fascinating” milkfish. Out here, it is a law to unwind and relax. It is also a great suggestion to acquire some outlook and write your heart out on the beach till you feel that life becomes clear.   



Visit Mt. Isarog National Park.    

Hike your troubles away and at the conclusion of a trip, you’ll feel brighter (both literally and figuratively, that is). Mount Isarog is really a possibly functioning volcano. Its tallest tip is around 6,600 feet (2,011 m). Historically it is a location where the soldiers of the Philippine Army and Bicolano guerillas concealed themselves at the time the Japanese captured the nation. Now, it is a national park, residence to pure waterfalls, springs, and environment. The ideal period to tour is amid January until April. By this time, the mountain’s jungle is chilly and revitalizing even if it is warm somewhere else. One must-view is the Magragobrob Waterfalls situated inside Mt. Isarog’s basin. It is 131 ft. (40 meters) tall that runs till the Rangas River. If you seem like you require a spa treatment, then it is quite cool to know that the Hiwacloy Sulfur Springs is also situated here.   



Be charmed by deer sightings in the Ocampo Deer Breeding Farm.

Whoever travels to Mt. Isarog in Ocampo is in for a delight. Who knows? Perhaps, just possibly, you would get to encounter one of Santa’s most beloved animals – the deer. The Ocampo Deer Breeding Farm is really a site to see. From 1996, the 12.3 acres (5 hectares) land has been residence to the Australian types. If you take a walk on the bases of the peak, be prepared to be amazed by the tender deer. The deer farm is situated in Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Ocampo, Camarines Sur.   



Go on a pilgrimage journey at the Penafrancia Museum and Shrine.

As the term “soul searching” is stated, the Penefrancia Museum is a must-visit on any believer’s list. Each piece here was cautiously organized to replicate the Catholic belief. A quantity of these pieces comprises of the crowns, the Aureol and Mantos of Ina, and also a few religious books. The two-leveled structure holds the gallery. Just a couple of meters away is the Penefrancia Shrine. The Shrine is a Roman Catholic chapel that is one of East Asia’s prominent locations for Christian journeys. This is due to its emblematic sacred image, the Divino Rostro. 



Go wild at the Pinacuason Hot Spring Resort and Adventure Park.

Heaven is in reach at the Pinacuason Hot Spring Resort and Adventure Park. Families from all around arrive to revel in picnics by the pools and other water pursuits. For those traveling alone, however, the bike Zipline is the best venture to encounter. You could ride the altered bike on a cable-wire that hangs around 100-feet (30.5 m) from the ground. The excitement is actually once on these bad boys. Another appeal is the Tarzan swing apart from the normal wall climbing, fishing, swimming or rappelling.



Feel refreshed at Malabsay Falls.

Concealed at the bottom of Mt. Isarog is Malabsay falls – one of Mother Earth’s top kept secret. To get to the falls, you will have to hike for around 15 minutes first. It is quite a simple path and a pleasant one at that because catching a glimpse of the environment up close is an encounter that makes anyone cease to remember that they are hiking in the first place. So, if you need to feel revitalized, stopover Malabsay Falls. Take a Jeepney trip from Naga to the terminal of Panicusan and walk directly to Mt. Isarog National Park’s entry.


Take an “I-was-here” Instagram photo at Porta Mariae.  

Constructed to honor 300 years of dedication to Our Lady of Penafrancia, the 36-foot (11 m) high arch is the ideal setting for a Naga City adventure. It seems like the Arc de Triomphe in France. Its breadth of 59 feet (18 m) bears the 10-foot (3 m) brass figure of Our Lady of Penafrancia and its two angels. At the back of it is the Metropolitan Cathedral Parish making it one of the most stunning religious destinations in the area. The arch is situated on Berlin Street in Naga City.



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