Ozamiz City was set back during the Spanish period as a stronghold to protect against pirates arriving from Lanao. Nowadays, it is quickly developing because of its wealthy waters and lands, which offer a great living for inhabitants via fishing and farming industry. Call us now to book your holidays and experience these top things to do in Ozamiz.


Cotta Fort

It could be contended that one of the causes, why Ozamiz city was established, was due to Cotta Fort. Back during the Spanish period, pirates from the Lanao regions tried to come into the region via Panguil Bay. Per se, the El Fuerte de la Concepcion del Triunfo, or merely Cotta Fort, was set up as a stronghold during 1755, with a portion of it also working as a sacred memorial for the Virgin of Immaculate Conception (Nuestra Señora de la Concepcion del Triunfo), similarly like Zamboanga City’s Fort Pilar. At the same time, it also worked as a port for the Spanish Armada. The stronghold has witnessed battle in both the Spanish and Japanese takeovers in the Philippines. Ascending the stronghold wall would permit you to catch sight of the region of Lanao del Norte, which is approximately a 2-hour car trip from Ozamiz.


Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral is residence to the second biggest pipe organ in the nation, nearby the one in Manila Cathedral. The church managed to get the pipe organ via the hard work of Fr. Sean Lavery, an Irish Columban priest, and the occupants of Ozamiz City. Two German firms cooperated in order to construct the pipe organ, which was sponsored via contributions and fund-raising pursuits by the Roman Catholic inhabitants of the metropolis. The pipe organ was installed on July 16, 1967.


Bukagan Hill Bell Tower

The four bells – St. Peter, St. Marien, St. Joseph, and St. Michael – were initially purchased for the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in the metropolitan, proper. But, when the bells were brought to the church, they gathered that they were too large and hefty for the belfry. They finally decided to build new construction in Bukagan Hill, one that will be able to bear the bells’ joint weight. One would have to ride a habal-habal (passenger motorcycle) in order to get to Bukagan Hill Bell Tower. The fare charges are not consistent, so anticipate to pay amid 100 to 300 PHP (2 USD to 6 USD) to travel there. Given the distance of this site to the metropolis, it will be a great idea to travel to and from here before it gets dark.


Heritage Houses

Numerous inheritance homes, which were built in the Spanish period, could be discovered beside the roads of Ozamiz City. One such residence is on the bend of Valconcha and Ledesma Street.


Mount Malindang Range Natural Park

This has been processed by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity as an ASEAN Heritage Park during 2011 after it was learned to be the residence of numerous rare and threatened types of animals in the Philippines. Many of its 53,262 hectares (131,613 acres) are still unseen areas. Mount Malindang is an inactive volcano. A portion of the Mount Malindang Range is the Lala Eco-Park. It is here where you could locate Cobra Falls, which has just newly been found. The tumbling waters, which supply the Bati-Bati River, are surrounded by luxurious green vegetation, offering it a mystical appearance.


Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park and Dolphin Island

Around a 15-minute trip from Ozamiz City in Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, situated in the town of Tudela. It was established by the native administration with the purpose of making a workable marine setting for the fisherfolk by making a reproduction ground for fishes across its mangrove jungle and fish incubators. Those that are developed in the nurseries and incubators would ultimately be sent back into the wild. Apart from marine life, the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park also consists of a small zoo, where you could locate separate types of reptiles, birds and monkeys. There are also a few turtles in the preserve.   

The main feature of the park is Dolphin Island. It is not an actual island but instead is an artificial construction which offers a reservation and a recovery institute for hurt dolphins. Pursuits that could be done here comprise of feeding and swimming with the dolphins inside the compound. Dolphin Island also has a fish reserve where you could snorkel. Various types of fishes and aquatic life like clownfish, giant clams and groupers could be viewed here. The Dolphin Island has a 300 PHP (6 USD) entry charge. You would also have to pay the same sum if you want to swim with the dolphins. It is possible to hire snorkelling gear and vests from the institute itself.



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