Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa

Several travelers rush past the metropolis of Puerto Princesa on the way to the region’s more common beach destinations of El Nido and Coron. Little do they know, Palawan’s metropolis has some brilliant, undervalued marvels and locations of its own. Our escort would take you directly to them. Here are the top things to do in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Talk to our 24/7 agents and organize your holiday to this destination right now!


Go island hopping in Honda Bay.

Sightsee the islands of Honda Bay and devote an entire day relishing the ocean and sand. Just around a 20-minute trip north of the metropolitan hub, tourists could get on a tiny boat and travel to the islands of Cowrie, Starfish, Luli, and Pandan. Cowrie Island is the closest, so it’s very common amongst the natives. Starfish Island is famous for its excessive population of (you predicted it) starfish. And Luli Island is a gorgeous sandbar titled because it descends (lulubog is the Tagalog term for sink) in high tide, and it ascends (lilitaw) in low tide. Then there’s Pandan, an ideal location for the afternoon. Relish a lunch of barbecued seafood and occupy the balance half of the day being circled by fish and snorkeling, or sunbathing on the island’s chalky white sand.


Hike to Olangoan Falls.

Rather the concealed jewel, Olangoan Falls rests in Barangay Binduyan, around a 45-minute trip from Puerto’s metropolitan hub. Then it’s a half-hour trek from the freeway to the waterfalls itself. It’s quite a simple hike with a couple of sheer climbs and some river crossings, till the stunning Olangoan Waterfalls. As it is still rather mysterious to overseas tourists, expect to only be dividing the location with natives (or nobody at all) on your holiday. Relish this sweet getaway while it still stays a mystery.


Visit the Underground River.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River has turned into one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the metropolis from its acknowledgment as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature during 2012. From the metropolitan hub, it’s around an 80-kilometer trip north to the metropolis of Sabang. From there, one could either get on a boat or trek to the gateway of the Underground River. A trip to the river is done on board a tiny paddle boat that takes tourists into the cave of remarkable boulder and pillar developments.


Chill Out at the Beach.

Apart from the islands, you could also travel to retreats and beaches on the shore of Puerto Princesa plus Nagtabon and Talaudyong Beach for swimming, day tours, and picnics. For a calming holiday, select a resort or hotel with a beach atmosphere other than those situated beside the freeway in the metropolis. Microtel by Wyndham Inn & Suites is the only seaside resort in Puerto Princesa. Situated on the white-sand coasts of Emerald Beach, Microtel provides stunning waterfront sights any time during the day.


Go Ziplining and Spelunking in Ugong Rock.

Before traveling back into the metropolis from the Underground River, a notable stopover is Ugong Rock. Put on your active equipment and be prepared to hike up, pressing across thin paths on the way. It’s a fast yet thrilling trek, with a satisfying sight waiting at the summit. While you could choose to go down the same way, the more exciting option is to Zipline your way down. This way, you also get more time to hug that beautiful sight.


Watch the Sunset from Nagtabon View Deck.

One of the top locations in Puerto to see the sunset is around a half hour trip from the metropolitan hub. During a late afternoon, travel north from the center with your preferred road journey playlist to escort the picturesque drive. Nagtabon Beach is a brilliant location to chill out but drive uphill other than traveling down to the beach and visit the Nagtabon View Deck. From there, relish a striking sight of the bay of Nagtabon and the sun leisurely dropping into the ocean. 


Watch Fireflies Twinkle Along the Iwahig River.

To round off a day in Puerto Princesa in the most captivating way, tour the Iwahig River. A trip here would take you on a tiny paddle boat down the river bordered by mangroves, in which fireflies take a break. In the dark, motionless night, all you would hear is the quiet voice of your escort and the paddle in the water, and all you would view is the plankton shining below the river’s surface and the thousands of fireflies illuminating the mangroves.


Get Active with Water Sports.

There are numerous dive spots all over Palawan for snorkelers and divers. Prior to traveling out to do island-hopping trips, you could hire out snorkeling equipment so you could relish the beach more. Talaudyong Beach nearby Nagtabon Beach is also a common surfing location for natives with progressive surfing abilities. Some beaches such as Cowrie Island also provide water sports pursuits consisting of kayaking, parasailing, and jet-skiing.



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