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Celebrating valentine’s day in the Philippines

During Valentine’s Day in the Philippines, many restaurants, hotels, shops, and malls are decorated following the valentine’s day theme, which means hearts, cupids, and everything you see will be in a bright shade of red. Special events are being held as well like Lovepalooza and mass weddings sponsored by the government. Cheap flights to romantic destinations get sold out quickly, beaches get crowded with lovely pairs, and couples adorn every corner your eyes can see (and reach). During this day confessions of love and marriage proposals take place, with full hopes that they will receive a sweet YES. In some government offices like General Santos City, the government intends to bring fun to the hearts of every employee in celebrating LOVE Day by giving red roses to the first 100 female employees to arrive in the city.

Traditional “panunuyo” (persuasion in English) of Filipinos are one of a kind. During this time, when the lady hasn’t accepted the man’s confession yet (still courtship stage), one must fetch water from a well, chop logs for cooking, help the family in farming, sing in front of the window in the evening, bring fruits to the family and make the family like you.

This generation, however, many have changed, many gents are still befriending and asking permission from the parents of their partner/lover before making the move.  From generation to generation, ways of showing and confessing love differ but one is constant – the amount of love poured.

Valentine’s day in the Philippines is actually one of the most awaited and premeditated occasions.  Planning what to buy as a gift is considered based on the favourite colours, scents, and design . The gift should be meaningful as well!

Checking places to go for valentine’s day, reserving the table, talking to the staff for a sweet serenade, or even a surprise message. I bet all will agree if I were to say that Filipinos are one of the most romantic partners in the world, romanticists indeed. Their way of showing love and affection towards their special someone is something that will make you love your partner even more. 

Even the terms of endearment are well thought out, it should be unique – mahal, irog, sinta, evol, life, ga, darling, giliw, liyag, and many more.

In preparation, the couple is already booked into their favourite destinations at least a week before the fourteenth of February.

Here are the best places you can choose from if you’re planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the Philippines.

Places to go for Valentine’s day in the Philippines
1. El Nido

Lovely pairs can never go wrong with El Nido. It is surely one of the most famous places to go for Valentine’s day in the Philippines.

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines - El Nido

With powdery fine sand, clean beaches, and stunning backdrop views it will be wonderful for every pair to explore the richness of El Nido. Whether both wants to wander around or just sit together watching the sunset, it will be satisfying (it should be, as you’re with him/her 😊)


  1. Small and Big Lagoon
  2. Secret Beach
  3. Dilumacad Island
  4. Snake Island
  5. Miniloc Island

2. Batanes

The beauty and exclusivity of Batanes will make your Valentine’s Day in the Philippines worth it! Waking up beside your better half in such a paradise will be just as amazing as the month of love.

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines - Batanes

Scenic views surround Batanes so couples spending time here will be full of sweet memories. You can go swimming, snorkelling, diving, lighthouse visits, sight-seeing, biking, and visiting century old Ivatan houses.


  1. Basco lighthouse
  2. Traditional villages
  3. Morong Beach
  4. Racuh A Payaman (Marlboro Country)
  5. Hike to Mount Iraya

3. Boracay

Boracay has gained popularity among couples for its blue and crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and lovely sunsets. The ambiance is just so perfect to spend the day with someone very special to you. Walking barefoot while holding hands with each other, kissing at sunset, and other activities await at Boracay.

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines - Boracay


  1. Bulabog Beach
  2. Ilig Iligan Beach
  3. Mermaid Swimming
  4. Helmet diving
  5. Diniwid Beach              

4. Baguio

Baguio’s cool climate gives a more romantic vibe for couples. Staying in a cosy lounge sipping warm coffee while having a heart-to-heart talk sounds great in Baguio!

February, the month of love is also Baguio’s “Panagbenga”, an annual flower festival that lasts over a month. Couples can participate in the parade, and witness the floats decorated with fresh flowers all harvested in Cordillera.

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines - Baguio

Baguio is one of the most visited places in the Philippines as an escape to the heat of much hotter places in the country such as Manila.


  1. Burnham Park
  2. Strawberry Farms in La Trinidad
  3. Baguio Botanical Garden
  4. Valley of Colors
  5. Mines View Park

5. Tagaytay

Tagaytay has lower temperature also comparing to Manila. It provides a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere which makes a couple’s date even more special. Its proximity to Manila makes it one of the most convenient places to go for Valentine’s day in the Philippines.

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines - Tagaytay


  1. People’s Park
  2. Sky Ranch
  3. Picnic Grove
  4. Tagaytay Highlands
  5. Puzzle Mansion

This Valentine’s day in the Philippines, warm greetings, hugs, and kisses will be in the atmosphere! Making sure this opportunity to show how much your other half is valued!

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