Cotabato City is located in Mindanao in the Philippines, it is a gorgeous, tiny metropolis that has numerous magnificent sights and remarkable backdrops. It is around 1,300 kilometers (807 miles) from the main metropolis, Manila, isolated from all the sound and tumult. We have selected the top things to do in Cotabato. Talk to our 24×7 agents and book your next holiday here and let’s discover this destination together.


Marvel at the Grand Mosque.

This magnificent mosque is the largest in the Philippines and gets lots of travelers each year. It is not completely hard to comprehend why it does have such an influx because frankly, it is just spectacular. This gorgeous castle-like mosque is one hundred and forty-one feet tall (43 meters) at the tallest tip. Most people arrive here to utter their prayers and worship. It could hold about 1,300 people at one certain time which is rather a wonder.


Sightsee the glorious People’s Palace.

The People’s Palace is in Malagapas, this structure is merely a speck of structural mastermind. It is a blend of metropolitan and traditional pattern and is toured by various people every day. Here you are bestowed with plenty of stores, coffee-homes, and eateries. It is an attractive place to go for an exquisite dinner or just to get a bite!   


Cross the Tamontaka Bridge.

Tamontaka Bridge is the bridge that links the metropolis with Maguindanao region in Cotabato. It goes across the Tamontaka River, Philippines’ second biggest river. Glancing on from this bridge, you get to relish sights of both Cotabato City and Datu Odin Sinsuat Municipality and also the inaudibly grand river. Go for a stroll one afternoon and go across the Tamontaka Bridge and tour sites on the other side of the bridge like the ancient Tamontaka Church.   


Have an adventure in the Kutawato Caves.

The Kutawato Caves have perhaps turned into one of the most well-known tourist locations in Cotabato. This location is somewhat where the title of the metropolis originates from. The caverns are directly in the center of the town and have simple approachability from the various entries. This site is prime to tour with children due to the reason that there are so many diverse parts of the caves to tour!


Climb Pedro Colina Hill.

Let’s just begin with the stunning sight that you would be encountered with once you arrive at the summit. It is absurdly astonishing. There is an attractive sight to appreciate from the summit of the hill. You would be able to glimpse nearly the entire metropolis from the summit of the hill. You could always make this hike a regular morning practice to get a little healthy while in Cotabato. If you take this trek in the morning, for instance, you will feel invigorated for the balance half of the day because you have the chance to be part of the new tropical ambiance. Then in the evening if you arrive here to see the sun go down, relax in a magnificent setting. It would be one of those instances where you actually cherish mother nature. This encounter is one that would stay with you for a long time.


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