Dumaguete is the main metropolis of the Negros Oriental region, labeled “The City of Gentle People”. A very knowledgeable metropolis with 4 universities and a few colleges, Dumaguete’s student society is around 30,000 out of 113,000 occupants in whole.


Stroll at the Boulevard.

Also recognized as Rizal Boulevard, this common tourist location in Dumaguete is a preferred chill out spot for natives and travelers touring the metropolis. Facing the ocean, it is also a preferred place amid joggers, particularly during the morning and late afternoon. You might relish the chilly ocean wind, see the sunrise, or have a food tour at the tempurahan hawker stands during the night or at the numerous native eateries just on the other side of the road.



Visit Silliman University.

Set during 1901 by Protestant evangelists of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, Silliman University is the most ancient American University in Asia. As the main monument in the center of Dumaguete City, the university grounds is rather large, with plenty of huge acacia trees around and some structures having a royal American construction.


Pray at Dumaguete Cathedral.

Thought to be the “oldest stone church in Negros Island,” the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral is a must-tour for Catholic tourists. The church was initially constructed from 1754 until 1776, it was rebuilt during 1885, and prolonged with the current portico during 1936.



Light a Candle at the Belfry Tower.

Situated just near the cathedral, it is a distinct ancient belfry tower where natives travel to light candles and provide prayers. A leading tourist appeal in Dumaguete, it is identified as the most historic existing construction in the metropolis that was constructed during 1760.



Tour Talabong Mangrove Park & Bird Sanctuary.

This 400-hectare region protected by the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) is an enjoyable day tour to take from Dumaguete. A nature fans dream, anticipate a huge natural region where you could stroll about with binoculars to do some remarkable bird viewing, find diverse types of mangroves and chill out with the resounding echoes of wildlife that surround you. The main feature of this reservation tour is the mangroves! A location where natives jump in completely clothed to catch fish for dinner, you could put your toes in the water and observe as the fish’s swim by.  When you’re finished, take a stroll on the lengthy dock which protrudes out into the water leaving you feeling like you’re floating in the center of the ocean.


Visit the Negros Capital Building.

The chair of the government of Negros Oriental region, its ancient construction makes it a fascinating must-view construction in Dumaguete City.


Go on a Food Tour.

A food tour is certainly something you need to do when in Dumaguete City. Some that you should try is the Sans Rival and Silvanas at Sana Rival Cakes and Pastries and the Fried Ice Cream at Panda’s Fried Ice Cream. During the night, go see the tempurahan beside the avenue for some barbecued cuisine, and Hayahay Bar for a little bit of drinks, food and of course music.


Visit Mt. Kanlaon.

Have you ever glimpsed a living volcano before? Now is your opportunity! This core of Mount Kanlaon Natural Park is difficult to miss positioned 2,430 meters tall. Climbers gather to Mt. Kanlaon for a 3-day trek packed with wildlife, hot springs, and sights. If you’re adventurous, this may be the ideal peak for you to hike. Travel to the DENR office in Bacolod to register for a trekking authorization in advance.


Explore Lake Balanan.

This freshwater lake way inside the jungle, encircled by luxurious rainforests and lurching peaks, is a vision you shouldn’t overlook while in Dumaguete. This is a pure lake that was shaped by a big earthquake in 1925. If you want to tour Lake Balanan, it’s quite reachable. There is a lengthy cement trail where moss has started to breed so deeply that the cement seems like it is a portion of the environment. This pathway would take you to the coast where there are ports and cabins on the river. Give yourself a couple of hours to swim, relax, and take in the charm. Oh, and take a picnic. 

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