Snuggled in the north of Luzon in Ilocos Norte region is the main metropolis of Laoag. The title Laoag originates from the term “light” as the district of Ilocos Norte is one of the brightest areas in the nation! This is extremely fitting seeing as how Laoag has plenty of outdoor pursuits, both pure and synthetic for natives and tourists to relish.

Call us now to book your holidays and let’s see the top things to do in Laoag:


Visit the La Paz Sand Dunes.

85 square kilometers of sand dunes are awaiting you in Laoag. Get in a dune buggy or a 4×4 sand cruiser and drive up and down the sandy peaks for an exciting trip. From the summit, you could take in some gorgeous sights of the water and gaze out onto the varied scenery with the sand dunes flowing into grasslands like a portrait. Also at the dunes is the chance to discover how to sandboard. It’s just like snowboarding or surfing except on sand. The instructors would offer you a small lesson and then put you on your own to play about.


Go See the Sinking Bell Tower.

This bell tower is actually sinking! Constructed on sandy soil back during 1612 by the Augustinians, the Sinking Bell Tower has been going down further and further into the earth from then. In spite of its vanishing act, this worn shrine still rings it’s bell each Sunday for mass. As with many bell towers, this one is matched with a church- in this instance, it’s the St. William’s Cathedral, which is especially further from the bell tower (85-meters away). Once you’ve gazed at this historical marvel for a time, stroll on over to tour its counterpart. 


Explore Museo Ilocos Norte.

Here is a gallery created to offer a feeling of superiority to the youngsters of the Ilocos Norte. The displays and museums in Museo Ilocos Norte concentrate on the ethnic inheritance of the inhabitants from the area and the host of businesses that represent the region. Displays and museums are always altering here. When you tour, you may see the skill of hand lacing, learn about customary drums created particularly in this area, or view a photo sequence relating the tale of Spanish-period Cathedrals. 


Take a Tour of the Santa Monica Parish Church.

Constructed during 1779, the Church has confirmed to be an important portion of lifestyle and past in Laoag. Utilized for many important weddings, plus the daughter of then President Marcos, the government acknowledged this church as a national main and called it “Important Cultural Property” to be formally enrolled into the National Museum of the Philippines. If it’s decent enough for the president’s daughter, it’s surely decent enough to add to your holiday ideas. Come to take a trip around the land and grounds and stare at the red brick outer part and listen for the huge clock tower that hits each half an hour. Amusing detail: Santa Monica Parish Church is the largest church in Ilocos Norte.


Visit Blue Lagoon.

Take a day tour to neighbor Pagupud to devote the afternoon on the most stunning beach in the Laoag region. Maira-ira Beach is residence to the blue lagoon, a form of water so clean that it nearly shines! The scenery is exceptional with white sand, tiny mangrove trees, and unusual coral islands that arise out of nowhere. The beach has plenty of tiny restaurants where you could have a nibble to eat with a chilled beer. There is also a volleyball net and lots of shade when you want to escape from the sun. 


Explore the Kabigan Falls.

In the eastern portion of Barangay Balaoi, you’ll discover the enthralling Kabigan Falls. Encircled by luxurious forest, this 80-foot high waterfall is a clean illustration of rare nature in its most beautiful form. The cool basin pool is completely encircled by wealthy jungles directly out of a perfect novel. To travel there, take a tricycle until you get to the frequented trail where you’ll take an idle, flip-flop pleasant trek to heaven above timber bridges and below droopy branches across the forest. Take your time relishing the tiny rivers on the way, as the trip to the falls is all a portion of the encounter!


Travel to Maligligay Falls.

The hike to Maligligay Falls, also recognized as Pablo Falls, would take you on one of the most spectacular trips you’ve ever encountered. It’s not fast and it’s not easy; this 45-minute trek would take some firm balance, quickness, and direction as you stroll over riverbeds, down steep banks, and above stony trails- but it would be worth it. After your picturesque journey, you’ll arrive at the falls. The falls drop over the peak very quickly generating a mist that packs the air. The pool at the foot is ideal to put your feet into and the countryside is a photojournalist’s goal.

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