Zamboanga City is a metropolis situated in Mindanao, Philippines. The metropolis that embraces the label “Asia’s Latin City” due to its language, Chavacano, that seems like the Spanish Dialect. Its lifestyle and custom have deep origins that link to that of the nation’s Spanish conquerors. Zamboanga City is a really glorious metropolis that has various locations and pursuits to provide its guests and travelers. Talk to our 24/7 agents and book your next holiday to “Asia’s Latin City”. 


Relax on the Pink Sand Beach of Santa Cruz island.

Pink coralline sand. Yes, you heard it correct. The stunning beach of Santa Cruz island would not just captivate and astonish you due to its gorgeous sights but its exceptionally shaded sand would certainly make you want to take out your phone and take thousands of pictures. The pink highlights in the sand originate from crumpled organ pipe corals (Tubipora musica) that, once mixed with the other crumpled white corals, looks pink during the day. 


View the Melodically Rotating Fountain at Paseo del Mar.

The rotating fountain in Paseo Del Mar might not be the initial fountain constructed in the metropolis but it is the largest and the most extraordinary of them all. The rotating musical fountain runs a demonstration for around 30-mins packed with lights, dancing, fire, mechanical effects and music that certainly enthralls its spectators from the children to the adults as well.  


Mangrove trip at Santa Cruz island.

If a distinctive nature encounter is what you are searching for, the mangroves in the inlet of Santa Cruz island will be ideal for you. Via a paddle boat and with an escort, you will be able to view a few of the gigantic mangroves located in the inlet that has survived for around a hundred years already. The escort will also explain to you the various kinds of mangroves discovered in the region. 


Visit the City Hall.

The Zamboanga city hall is an ancient structure that has been existing for around a hundred years. This city hall is a stunning depiction of the metropolis, a blend of both ancient and current, a structure that also offers you a hint of the metropolis’s lifestyle.


Learn About the Past at Fort Pilar.

Enjoy discovering more about the metropolises’ past by touring Fort Pilar and its Gallery. Trivia: The gallery is really a local gallery of the National Museum of the Philippines. Tour the fortress and the museum to find out about the various relics that makes the entire region a traveler preferred choice. Have a speedy time travel across these locations. 


Watch the sunset at Paseo Del Mar.

Want to walk and feel peaceful by the backdrop around you? Paseo Del Mar is the ideal location for walking and relishing the sight of the sunset between its trail beside the shore. You’ll catch sight of the numerous types of birds in the region. If you want to eat, there are shops owned by natives that sell tasty food nearby. 


Visit Yakan Weaving Village.

Searching for exceptional mementos to bring home to your friends and family? Yakan Village is recognized for its artistic handcrafts and knitted mats. You get to pick from diverse shades and exceptional patterns. Wallets, bags and table runners they have so many various things you could select to purchase and take home. Purchasing from here will not just help fund the home-grown weavers but it also helps you to take home a portion of their lifestyle with you.   


Experience Hermosa festival.

If you choose to visit Zamboanga City in October, you’ll be fortunate enough to experience the yearly Zamboanga Hermosa Festival or recognized as “Fiesta Pilar”. It is commemorated for as long as 12 days and nights packed with various functions and pursuits. This is the festival the natives of Zamboanga really get ready for, making it a very lavish festivity. The festival is in tribute to the marvelous portrait of Our Lady of the Pilar Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa.  


Explore Pasonanca Park.

Want to have a swift swim in the pool? Or perhaps just unwind and sit in a tree house? Or relish the stunning flowers being fertilized by butterflies? Well, the Pasonanca park could offer you all that. They provide 3 various sized pools (an Olympic size, natural flowing and children’s pool with water slides), a tree house that you could mount, and also a butterfly garden where you could stroll about and observe as these butterfly’s fly. 


Visit Nancy Falls.

No holiday to Zamboanga City is concluded without a trip to Nancy Falls. It’ll feel like as if you’re in a Jurassic Park Movie (perhaps the 3rd one) as you sit in the back of the jerky Jeepney, making your way across the forest to the foot of the falls. You’ll be taken to the foot of the waterfall where a network of pure waterfalls run down into a cool pool at your feet. Don’t be afraid; you could jump right in. There are timbered plank bridges that you could walk along while touring the surrounding forest.

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