Legazpi City calls itself “the metropolis of enjoyment and exploration” and for a great cause. This metropolis is residence to Mt. Mayon, a 20-million-year old lively volcano that provides both wild escapades and charming past. Legazpi is a stunning metropolis in the Philippines and was originally known as Sawangan before the title was altered to Legazpi.     

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Tour Cagsawa Ruins Park.

Constructed during 1587 demolished during 1646, then rebuilt during 1724 and once again damaged during 1814 (together with thousands of local people)- this Franciscan church surely has some tales to tell. On a transparent day, Mt. Mayon rests ideally behind the Cagsawa Ruins divided just by a land of brilliant green rice meadows. The church remains are what secretive horror movies are created of. There is a distinctive contrast amid the disintegrating stone church with wild greenery developing out of its crevices against a tranquil environment that feels untainted and natural. It’s a surprising find that gets your attention running. You could take ‘the Leaning Tower of Pisa’ type pictures or just gaze at the marvel that encircles this historic site.


Explore Mayon Volcano National Park.

You’ll catch sight of Mt. Mayon all over your travel in Legazpi and ultimately get inquisitive enough to get a little bit nearer. You could trek across the foot of the volcano, take an ATV excursion, or go with a Jeepney trip that would take you quite near to the viewpoint. There are lots of methods to get a little more exclusive with this ridiculous pure marvel. As Mt. Mayon is a functioning volcano, you’ll glimpse a cloud of smoke rising from its top and a tiny puff of smoke hanging just over it. It’s so peaceful that it seems like a painting! The bottom of the peak comprises of horizontal pastures, rice meadows, inlets, and rivers, all waiting to be toured.


Visit Vera Falls.

This spectacular waterfall is situated amid two volcanoes on the opposite side of Mt. Mayon where you’ll have to go across a couple of tiny towns to arrive there. You’ll rent a car or get together with an excursion group to take a 40- minute trip from Legazpi hub Take advantage of the tiny town charges and lifestyle by requesting your driver to stop for a something to eat. When you get to the car park, you’ll commence on a stroll down a set of 100 forest stairs that would take you to the gorgeous Vera Falls. There is a chilly and not so deep pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall ideal for lazing around on a warm day in the Philippines.


Go See the Japanese Tunnels.

As you might know, the Philippines were involved in WWII with a Japanese attack that had left its stain on the nation in countless methods, plus remaining structures. In Oriental-Legazpi, you could tour a Japanese plowed tunnel from 1941. Back during the day, the tunnel extended all the way to city hall. Now, the tunnel isn’t quite as long but still provides a fair expanse of crawl space to get your heart pumping. Climb about across the tunnel where the height varies from 3-4 feet high. It is placed evidently in the center of nowhere; a forest tunnel that the Japanese believed no one will ever discover.


Tour the Quitinday Underground River.

It’s worth it to tour Legazpi just to encounter the Quitinday Underground River. Rent a driver to take the 30-minute trip. Get out and stroll 500m down a forest trail until you get to a tiny watering hole. At first look, it seems like there’s not much to be viewed…but this is just the start. For ₱100, a tour escort on site would take you rafting across the underground river where you’ll view an intricate network of pure caves that have been shaped by water corrosion. A few caves you could stroll across with tiny waterfalls at your feet. Others you would paddle across, such as the Calabidongan Cave, otherwise recognized as “Cave of Bats”. If you’re courageous enough, take a cliff plunge into a pool of pure turquoise water. 


Lignon Hill Nature Park.

On the top of a 156-meter tall mountain in Legazpi City, you’ll discover only the most relaxed, impulsive, and courageous people all set to take on some escapade. Get on the 320-meter long Zipline where you’ll fly down the peak with a magnificent sight of Mt. Mayon on your left and the green grassy pastures far beneath. Lignon Hill Nature Park is up so high that it provides a spectacular 360-degree sight of the gorge and is the ideal location to view the sunset and sunrise. You could trek up the sheer mountain anytime you’d want to with the Kapit Tuko Trail (Lizard Grip Trail) taking about 10 minutes- but I should caution you, it’s a task.


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