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7 Things Foreigners Are Surprised to Learn About the Philippines

The fact is, when it comes to global travelers, the Philippines does not relish the identical bewildering places like the neighbors Vietnam and Thailand. One of the questions we generally ask is somewhere on the lines of: “What is that one thing about the Philippines that shocked you?”

Good and bad, here’s what we have assembled.   


Spectacular beaches nearly everywhere

They were presuming that there will be amazing beaches seen as the Philippines holds 7107 islands. Yes, they were looking forward to beaches, but they didn’t quite expect just how stunning these beaches would be.


The Philippines is not much-frequented! At least, not yet

#LaBoracay has forever rooted in our brains pictures of tourist crowds pressing their way all over the nation’s most popular island destination. But other than Boracay, most of what the Philippines has to provide is still nearly isolated and untarnished by overseas tourists. 


The Philippines is not as inexpensive as its adjoining countries

By Western and the level of developed nations, the Philippines is an inexpensive destination. But when you match it to its adjoining countries, it still is rather expensive.  


The Philippines is so Westernized

English. Cathedrals rather than shrines. Fast food all over. Hollywood pictures. It’s both entertaining and regrettable.


English broadly converses

When it comes to verbal obstacles, there is less to none. English broadly converses even in the distant regions, so conversing is not an issue. Signs and labels are frequently in English, as well.


Joyful, pleasant, family-friendly occupants!

Filipinos are a clearly joyful people. They are welcoming, occasionally offering visitors more than what they could give. Their families come first. And they smile a lot, even in the hardest situations.


It is secure

The global media speaks about the Philippines only when there’s a normal disaster striking the nation or when the otherwise tranquil islands off the southern point of Mindanao are unnerved by violence or military confrontation. So it’s no surprise that most travelers view the nation as dangerous even when it upsets just a tiny region. 

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